First Grow: Feedback Requested

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  1. Hey everyone, looking for some general feedback on my first grow. I have 8 plants under full LED lighting (224w total) growing in coco coir using FF nutes and Cal-Mag. I started 12/12 today after 30 days of veg on some bagseed. I've also been low stress training for weeks now.

    While I appreciate any and all feedback, I'm more interested in the perceived progress from some more experienced growers out there. It sure feels like my plants are significantly more bushy than most plants around the same age. Not sure if this attributed to the lighting, strain, or medium - but I hear bushy is a good thing.

    So how are they doing? Thanks in advance!



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    they are very bushy how far away do you keep the lights? in my opinion use 12hr till the males show throw them out and go back to 24hr till they get taller then bud them out on 12 this way you get more bud you wont get much with 5 inch plants

    edit: ive been growing for years but never done lst so maybe thats why they are bushy and short?
  3. Not a grower (yet) but those pics are pretty sweet
  4. In my (very) limited experience bag seed tends to shoot up after a quick minute under 12/12. Also the difference between 2-3 weeks or more then a month of veg, for me at least, was hardly noticeable. If I were you I would leave them in flower rather then vegging them more.

    The bushiness of the plants is probably a result of your lst'ing and keeping the light so close, which is a good thing. If you keep those branches spread out and light hitting all the buds you should expect a really nice harvest.

    When I find my camera I could post of a pic of my experimenting with lst on a bag seed seedling, looks similar to yours except minus about 2 weeks of veg :p Good luck with your grow man and I hope those are all females for you :p
  5. It looks good to me.. The only thing that would worry me is the amount of light you have for 8 plants.. The rule of thumb is 100 for the first and 50 to 75 for the ones after.. I'd say mine were double that size at a month, but I only had 3 with 214 watt and bagseed so I don't know what strains.. My grows in my sig if you want to check it out.. Other than that looking good from what I can tell.. Keep up the good work and happy growing..

  6. I have lights hanging at various distances. The light rig I built actually arches from one side of my cabinet to the next. Max distance is about 2 foot at this stage.

    From what I've read LED tends to keep plants bushy. I've also been tying these guys down since about week 2. I don't have alternating nodes at this point, but a few have 9 finger leaves so I hope they are mature enough to flower.

    Thanks! I take tons of pics (8+ pics per day) - helps me monitor growth.

    Thanks man! That info about vegging for more than a month is helpful. This will definitely be my last bagseed grow - I didn't want to waste money on genetics at this stage until I got at least one grow under my belt.

    I tried my best at LST this round and learned a ton. Next round I'll do a 4 way LST and introduce some changes which I'm certain will improve my branching.

    Also, I hope they aren't all female! I want 4 females, and I hope its the 4 that look the best! :)

    Thanks Samson, however I don't know how that rule of thumb applies to LED (honestly I don't think anyone does!). This grow is more of an experiment than anything. LED lighting is important to me due to my particular setup (I cant handle the heat or energy cost).

    Also, I'll definitely be down to 4 plants here soon - I started 8 because that was the max I could fit in the cabinet in 10" pots.

    No idea how much my lighting compares to full spectrum, but I would estimate that I have to be putting out as much as 400w of CFL if not more. Time will certainly tell (assuming I don't kill everyone off!).

    Finally, I have an extra 90W UFO I may dump in there if I see signs that its required (not even sure what those signs would be at this point lol)

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