first grow feedback please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Alexcarync, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. image.jpg Please give feedback on my first ever grow!

    image.jpg image.jpg

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  2. looks okay

    if you want more help, you need to give more details.

    How old, how much water, what kind of soil, what kind of nutrients, what kind of light, what kind of light cycle you have her on..etc
  3. Well I have her on a 12/12 at the moment and she’s a few weeks into flowering which explains why she’s growing budlets. I’m growing I’m happy frog soil and feeding her the fox farm trio mites and she’s taking in about 300W from the galaxy hydro light.
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  4. Aha I have spider mites and I’m currently treating her with sm90 and spinosad. I’m in need of a fan to blow upwards but budget is tight toooo
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  5. Well that 300w light is really only around 130w. I don't know much if anything on the light other than its actual wattage. But, most blurple leds, they too not have the light penetration to produce dense buds down low. An even canopy will help with that. Next run, focus on some training techniques to even up the canopy, add more/better lighting, prevent pests from attacking your plants rather than responding to an infestation. Also, please when posting pics, especially if asking for help or advice, take them under natural or white light.
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  6. Thanks You think I’ll be able to get quality bud out of this so far?
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  7. only the best!
  8. Quality? In who's opinion? In what aspect? Potency, density, bud size?
    There are lots of determining factors when growing quality weed. Temps, humidity, genetics, lighting, air circulation, air exchange etc. You stated that budget is tight and don't have a fan. Now, that being said, can you grow smokeable weed? Sure. But don't set yourself up with too high of expectations. Each run should go better as you dial things in and upgrade some equipment.
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  9. I have one fan just can’t afford another seemingly

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