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First grow, feedback please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nober, May 16, 2013.

  1. Hi this is my first closet grow  just got my card recently. Strains are purple larry og, purple amnesia, and grape ape. I'm using my own nute solution to feed them. Organic soil with lots of worm castings and then added some vermiculite to it. 600w light. I got a fan blowing lightly on them, i'm going to soon put up some mylar around the closet. Doing an 18/6 light cycle (lights were off when pics were taken). They have been growing for about a month now. Any feedback is welcome and very appreciated thank you :bongin:,K5r1TmE,K23wxEa,0YNbSqf,S5DAtHv,wQKyRnN,pamFqxC,UFuUEmS,l0abLiB,zblyCok#2,K5r1TmE,K23wxEa,0YNbSqf,S5DAtHv,wQKyRnN,pamFqxC,UFuUEmS,l0abLiB,zblyCok#7,K5r1TmE,K23wxEa,0YNbSqf,S5DAtHv,wQKyRnN,pamFqxC,UFuUEmS,l0abLiB,zblyCok#8

  2. they look good. no serious issues I can see. maybe a little overwatered in 3rd pic. keep it up.
  3. The look nice and healthy! If your gonna LST at all, id start doing it now. Not sure on your available height u got to work with, but if u lst'd them u can increase your yields!

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