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  1. So I'm starting my first grow inside a sterlite storage box like this:
    Its inside a shed in my backyard. It gets REALLY cold at night here, around 25 degrees or lower, I live in Eastern WA. I haven't cut any holes yet because I'm pretty sure I will want my air intake and exhaust to be smaller than normal as I want to retain as much heat as I possibly can during night cycles. (I plan on running my day cycles during the night so the plants won't be AS cold during the night) I'm gonna try and get 2 26w CFLS for veg and 2 42w cfls for flowering, I'm only planning on growing 1-3 plants as this is my first grow and I'm more getting a feel for this than trying to get the biggest/highest yielding plant possible.
    My main concern is this shed being outside and that it is currently winter, it really does get REALLY cold at night. What would be the best way to keep the heat in this box at least 35-50 degrees warmer then the rest of the building? I am going to buy a themometor today and test temps outside of the building, inside of the building, inside the box with light on for a few hours, and inside the box with the light off. I will post my results later but any input until that point would be greatly appreciated, I'm very confused on this.
  2. This probably won't work.

    Considering it gets 25 degrees in there, it'll get that cold in your tote when you turn your lights off. That'll obviously kill the plant.
  3. obviously i was asking for someone intelligent to offer some advice to make it work, not some smartass reply telling me what i already know.
  4. more heat and humidity...even with the lights on its not going to get above 50 in could wrap the whole inside of the shed with insulation and run a space heater maybe but it would be running constantly and probably give you 10% humidity..not much you can do
  5. You could insulate the box, vastly improving your heat conservation. Also, putting thick, heavy blankets over the top will also keep it warmer. Sense you are doing a CFL grow, I would recommend you veg for 24/0, that way day and night, it will have a constant heat supply.

    When you get to flower, keep the lights on at night liek you said, probably from like 7-7 or 8-8, so that you have heat from those CFL's when its at its coldest
  6. @MaineChronic +rep thanks man
    I decided to move my grow into a cabinet, lining it with foil tape now and getting everything set up so it will be stealthy. Should I put 1 big combo lock or 2 medium 3 number locks on it?

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