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    So I am still working my space out, got a little excited and started a grow. I'm vegging 18/6 under 1k MH. I have a diy undercurrent dwc with 4 plants. These girls appear to be very small. Are they happy? These were just some good bagseeds and I'm an absolute beginner, so I'd love some feedback.

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  2. Looking pretty dope to me
  3. I have also topped these twice so far.
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  4. You appear to have accidentally dropped your bag seeds into dirty old rock buckets instead of earth. Otherwise they look good so far. Backy McLeft looks a mite droopy maybe? Let the fun begin!

    Read up on temps, ph, training, and nutes while you're working out your space. :D

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  5. The leaves on rear lefty looked kinda strange almost like they were trying to crumple themselves up? I got frustrated and pulled a couple off. New growth appears to be better.
  6. These girls are very short and bushy, is this normal? How long should I veg before switching to flower. I'm using Fox farm grow big and big bloom so far. Ph is 6.2
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Does this line green foliage look normal?

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