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  1. this is my first time gorwing ever, me and 2 friends are growing in my attic, ill try to keep this as updated as possible.
    i will also have pictures.

    Day 1(January 11, 2002): 3:00 a.m. Planted about 60 seeds in 24 cups filled with potting soil, fertalizer and vermiculite, 3 of them are filled with nothing but vermiculite and some fertalizer, as experiments. The cups are in my rooms attic in the corner with a space heater and lamp with a 90 watt bulb. We duck taped tinfoil to the wall with the shiny side out, and we aimed the lamp at the tinfoil so the light is even over all of the cups. As soon as we put the seeds in a cup, we watered them with water mixed with a little milk. And later on in the day around 3 p.m. i watered them all with pure water and turned the container 180º to make sure that no plant is deprived of light.

    Day 3(January 13, 2002): 12:15 p.m. everything is going well, i have been watering twice a day so far, and every time i water i turn the container 180º. today when i went to water i saw the first sprout! im so happy, im kind of suprised i didnt think one could sprout in 3 days. well i plan on watering around 8 or 9 p.m. and ill update if anything exciting happens. 9:35 p.m. i went up to water again and there is another sprout! i know that i seem over-excited because they do sprout fast but still its weed. =)

    Day 4(January 14, 2002): 11:00 a.m. i watered and noticed that the 2 sprouts are getting bigger. there arent any new sprouts yet but im hoping to see some when i water again later tonite. 9:45 p.m. went to water and i saw another sprout witht he seed casing still attatched, so i very carefully removed it, then i noticed another sprout, so that means that there is 4 sprouts in all, thats a sprout a day. thats all for now.

    if anybody has any comments or suggestions or constructive criticism to help me out with this please post i enjoy feedback.
  2. this is the whole setup in my attic...

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  3. this is a picture of the tray..

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  4. here is the first picture of the only sprout so far:

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  5. here is another picture of the sprout compared to a guitar pick:
  6. sorry it didnt wrok on the post before here it is:

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  7. i doubt that light will work well...... what type of light bulb is it anyway? 90 watts is nothing compared to what some of the growers on this site use..... good luck anyway
  8. yeah, at least get yourself some flouros, and do it quick too, in the next couple of days or your plants will not have enough light
  9. next time before you plant the seeds directly in soil, pre-germinate them in wet paper towel. O.K. Let me tell you how I do it...

    1. Take seeds and place them in a cup of water over night. This helps soften the outer shell and promotes quick healthy germination.

    2. Take a plastic container, (Tupperware or an Icecream pail) and line the bottom with paper towel. I use a Tupperware container and put a black plant tray over top. Anyway, place the seeds on the paper towel. Place more paper towel over top the seeds and wet the paper towel. Don't drown it, just so it is moist. Place in dark warmish pace (a drawer in your room) and wait.

    3. After two days or so take a peek. Be very careful as the seedlings are very brittle. If you see little white tails forming this is good. If you do not cover back up and check in 12 hours. Once they have germinated use your styro cups and pack loosely with soil. Use a pencil and push a small quarter inch deep hole in the soil. Place one or two or three seeds in the hole and cover with soil loosely. The little white ends go down and I usually leave the seed pod just showing on the top of the dirt. Water very lightly.

    Let them grow for awhile before adding ferts. They should be able to grow just fine without them for now. Be very careful until they are growing at least an inch to 2 inches before watering regularily and fertilizing. They are really weak at this stage and can drown or be burned from fert. Your light, contrary to popular belief should be fine for the first 4-7 days. Do get some floros as soon as possible or an MH or HPS light if possible. Personally I use a soft light 40 watt standard bulb for the first week under a dome. I have sent two pics of my 5 day old babies. If you need anymore help send me a message.

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  10. 5 days old

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  11. kewl pics, both of u guys, anyways i have a question...

    is it the more light you have on the plant, the better? i am not a beginner smoker, but i dont know shit about growing.
  12. yes the more light the better as long as it's the right spectrum, you'll find all this info in the pm i sent you.......Peace out...Sid
  13. The ever contraversial Sid (yall can kiss my ring, lol) is right. More light is better. Depending on how and what I am growing I use 400-1000 watts per square meter indoors. This is best for SOG and for large plants I never use less than 400 watts per 6 plants. Not that it won't work but try experimenting with light. Regular 40 watt soft light bulb, 40 watt floro, and a 400 watt HPS. The results will be dramatically evident. Later all.
  14. i had no idea i was contraversial.....what am i contraversial over? you must have the memory of an elephant to remember what my old tag was...ya'll can kiss....etc....Peace out.....Sid
  15. jk. Remebered a post where someone thought you were being an ass because you said everyone can kiss my ring.
  16. i remember that thread as well!
  17.'s have got a far better memory than me...that's for sure....i need some new brain cells....anyone know where i can buy some out....Sid

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