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  1. Hey so this is my first attempt of growing my own marijuana i don't know what the strain of this plant is called, though i have been putting a lot of chillis around the bottom of the plant since i have a few chili plants and lots of chillis at the moment... from that i have decided to call the bigger plant chronic cartel. I started in September last year and they were in the ground by November. 
    Here is a big dump of images that i have been taking over the time of its growth.
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    Currently what my plants look like, this has been extremely fun so far just the waiting is such a bitch, its starting to produce preflowers also but they are too small at the moment for me to tell whether they are male or female the suspense is killing me!!! 
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  2. looking awesome bro, im subbed. :)Sent from my piece of shit phone using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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