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  1. Hello everyone title says it all this is my first grow and im just learning as I go. When I started these I really had no idea what I was doing then but like I said im just continuing learning. I have 4 king kong plants that I had growing outside then eventually moved them inside and I have just started the flowering stage about a week and half ago. I am not using any nutrients and I havent since ive been growing these any input is very appreciated thank you :) and just a random question I am expecting/hoping for 2 ozs a plant what do you think I will get or if these were yours what would you expect to get?

  2. Great start. Are They all female? What are You feeding Them? Keep Us posted..

  3. Yes they are all female. I'm using shultz premium potting soil and on the bag it says it feed them up to 9 months... I'm gonna start some nutrients once I decide on what I need to use
  4. any other input?
  5. Did you get rid of your bug problem? I can see holes in the leaves in bottom pic.
  6. Ya actually they are there because like I said its from when they were outside. I was going to pull them but I didnt want to hurt the bud growing by them.:smoke:

  7. Well the plants get their food from their leaves, it was wise to leave them on, holes or not.
  8. well thats good i wanted to pull them because they make the plant not look as cool but i didnt think it would hurt anything leaving them on..
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    Jw what nutrients should I start using when I went to Walmart all they had was expert farm and miracle grow all purpose flower food will that work or?
  10. Any one? not meaning to post dump just want to know because it's about watering time and I want to go get whatever I need
  11. ended up getting shultz plant food gonna use this and see what happens. Im using the shultz premium plant soil and really liking it so why not try it... ill add more pictures when I see a difference... any input about anything to do with this is very appreciated.
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    just a little update buds are getting bigger and got some buds starting on the side :) at 2 1/2 weeks of flowering getting excited hoping for atleast 2 ozs a you think that is decent guess or? i also was wondering what is the most i can feed them i got them on shultz all purpose flower food it says every 14 days on the box but is that right ive been doing it every 4-8 days depending on how wet soil is ect... let me know what you think thanks
  13. Just a little update they look frosty in some areas I think they look good jw question still unanswered am I out of the ball park for hoping for 2 Ozs a plant? And I will have pics up later when I get off work... All and any input is appreciated thanks
  14. Here's some pics even though it seems like no one is following haha



  15. Here's some updates 3 weeks into flowering lookin good and healthy hoping for 2 oz a plant prolly shooting over. Any input is needed and very appreciated because I'm just starting with this growing stuff so if you have any tips or plain out anything you could say to help me that would be Awsome thanks





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