First grow ever, why is one of my plants doing this?

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  1. Running a 18/6 light cycle and i have a 1000 watt mh bulb, my ph is perfect, grow room very ventilated and I'm using Buddha grow nutrients. Am I doing a good job, any pointers.

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  2. Sorry about the lighting it messes with my phone camera
  3. Looks good to me a lil stretchy but in good health. Do you plan doin any training lst supercropping etc.
  4. i wanna supercrop it but im kinda scared to mess it up, i do have the taller one topped already. any tips on supercropping?
  5. the smaller plant is just not stretching out and all the leaves are based off the main stem, also i dont know if strain has a big thing but the bigger plant is Gorilla Glue #4 and the smaller one is a strain called "the big" it came out from Michigan i believe
  6. also have you ever heard of sweetening nutrients, i got some for free and im supposed to use it during flowering to make the bud taste better when smoked. not sure if it is a waste of time or not
  7. yeh- when you supercrop make sure to crush the stem insides before you try to bend it or it might snap. Don't be afraid to crush the shit out of the inside of the stem...on large plants/thick stems I've actually used pliers to crush the stem before. Also once you bend it down it will have a natural tendency to bend back up as it grows, so you might wanna tie it down to keep it in place.

    I've used various sweeteners and I've never noticed a difference. Also sweeteners are some of the most expensive additives considering price vs. how much you use each time. A bottle might only be 20$ but they want you to put in 20ml per gallon..that adds up quick. Plain tap water works just fine to flush.
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  8. they are about 2 months in, but i recently just upgraded my lighting to fix the slow grow. also i can send pics of the whole room if anyone wants to see that, i think i did a pretty good job making it in my opinion
  9. the whole point of the supercrop is to get the branches to cover more area of light
  10. didnt finish typing lol, but so basically what i would wanna do is try to make the leaves more in the open for lighting?
  11. Or also for height restrictions.... whenever I have a branch stretch up to the light during flip I supercrop it... a lot of outdoor growers will supercrop the top of their plants if it gets taller than the fence ect..

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  12. People have multiple reasons to supercrop. Just to make sure we're on the same page, supercropping is bending the stem back down. I personally supercrop to lower my tallest bud sites. Supercropping to try to fill out more canopy area tends to make a big criss crossed mess (IME) ... better to use a scrog or LST as the plant grows.

    *supercropping is more like.."uh-oh too late to top or LST..I'll have to supercrop"
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  13. I haven't tried any sweeteners yet so Idk if it's worth it or not
    I'd start the training now if your worried a out supercroppin jus grab some pipe cleaner to pull the main stalk down
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  14. so would supercropping be an alternative to topping? or could i top and then when those branches grow off the top then could i super crop them and just trim all the leaves at the bottom like one of those sahara trees from lion king?
  15. lol sahara trees...aka lollypopping.

    I edited my comment above. I'll re-paste here - *supercropping is more like.."uh-oh too late to top or LST..I'll have to supercrop" ...

    IMO it's most effective to LST so you are not losing any growth. Second to that would be topping because it helps maintain an even/symmetrical structure.
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  16. so if i do LST the basis is to bend the tallest branches down? i have never really researched it but i think it may be a little too late in the grow to do it now? if not i am for sure down to try it out it looks pretty interesting
  17. has anyone tried the tape method? just taping one of the leafs down on the side of the pot
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  18. I do it time to time if I'm lazy and it works fine I just prefer drilling holes in the side of the pot and tying the branches though.

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  19. LST (low-stress-training) is done as the plant grows, gently bending down branches as they grow and become taller then the rest of the canopy. Super-croipping is the down and dirty version of LST. It takes more force and is used as a quick and easy last minute adjustment to even out your canopy.

    I've taped leaves to the sides of the pot works well for a while but the leaf sometimes dries out and breaks free, at that point the branch can spring back up a little. It's safer to just tie the branch down with a lasso imo.
  20. In the first picture is that pic of a nug in your tent to inspire the plant? That's great haha

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