First Grow Ever.....thinking 4x8 SCROG?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bammer_101, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am looking to start my first ever grow soon. I got out of the military last year and moved to Hawaii and i'm honestly sick of paying for it. I see how easily people around me grow it and i'm ready to give it a go myself. I have been researching and think I want to try a SCROG grow in a 4x8 grow tent. The lighting is where I'm unsure what to run. 2 600w HPS? Would 2 1000w be to much? I'm also unsure on how many plants to try.
    As of now I haven't bought any equipment but I believe that will change soon. Lighting and smell are my two main concerns. Any tips or advice would be excellent! Thanks in advance!
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  2. Run 2 315 cmh. Unless u have the lights already. Or the new sansung diodes. Save electricity and have normal sun full spectrum bulbs with extra uv if u buy hortilux. Hps in my oppinion is on its way out[​IMG]

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  3. I've actually never heard of any of those options so this is great to know! I am looking into them now! Your girls look beautiful bro!
  4. What is your goal regarding yield and amount of plants? 4 x 8 is quite large.
  5. Lighting should be good with 2 @ 600. What’s the rest of the plan? Medium and such. With that space, I would build 2 closets each 4x4 so you can stagger harvests. With that, you can optimally pull 1.5 lb a month. If you veg in another area.
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  6. You could get 1000 watt hps dimmable ballasts. That way if 2x 600 watters arent enough then you can turn it up to 1000 watts. A 600 watt hps will fill a 4x4 pretty well.

    Alot of people will suggest looking into leds but i think for first timers HPS is a good way to go, very solid lights.

    Leds are still kinda all over the place and misleading from 90% of manufactures. You can get ahold of TBone_shuffle to get good info on them.

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