FIRST GROW EVER! Pics are included.

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  1. Just an update on my first grow. Two bag seeds. One silver kush and the other is unknown (mostly sativa). Using FFoF soil and the trio FF nutes. (grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom). Following the FF feeding schedule. I also give a table spoon of molasses with every feed to ensure complete nutrient absorption. Been flowering for 5 1/2 weeks now. Using a 150W HPS flora lux light system. ghetto rigged tin foil tent as my grow box :rolleyes: gonna upgrade to a legit grow tent next time around. Light leaks caused it to hermie but with close supervision i was able to remove most of the major pods. Should finish with around 1.5- 2.0 oz. Opinions and constructive criticism is appreciated. :D

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    these two ladies are beautiful even though they hermied :D
  3. the only thing i could say is that they seem a bit stretched so early on maybe move the lights closer, but other than that, damn thanks for the bud porn :)

    they look great now cant wait to see what they look like at harvest, subb'd
  4. ya they grew pretty tall and lanky due to poor lighting in the veg stage, and i also didnt train them in any way. next time around will be better though
  5. i like how you use them to steak eachother up. creative!

    keep on learnin buddy
  6. take what you learned from this grow and bring it to your next one

    good luck
  7. it looks like you trimmed all of the fan leaves off leaving only leaves that were attached to buds. what was your reasoning on this? i would only suggest leaving those on since they are the main energy producers of a plant and only trim off dead leaves and tucking others out of the way if they are shading large areas.
  8. You went buckwild on the trimming but they still look awesome since the last time I saw em. My favorite thing bout them is the piney scent! Cant wait to see em when you harvest, ill go over man.

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