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Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by BYWBlazer, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Sorry guys, I had two tabs open of this site and I posted this in the wrong category. Anyone care to move?

    So I havent really looked into all the equipment for growing yet, but I have a simple setup in my mind and I wanna see if it will work. I have a 4ft. rubber football locker from when I was younger in my room. It's emptied and burried in the back of my room, so my rents cant get back there, and they really have no reason to in the first place haha. I was gonna experiment growing in it. So I was going to put a pot in the bottom of it, and then adjustable fluorescent lights on the top. I have a little fan I am gonna throw in there, but the only thing I'm worried about is exhaust/the smell. Can anyone give me tips for masking the odor?
  2. You shouldn't be growing in your parent's house without their permission, so no I won't help.

    Get your own place or grow outdoors.
  3. It's not a big deal. My dad does, ha. I'm just afraid to tell him, so its not like he can say much
  4. It's his house, not yours. It doesn't matter what HE does with it, it matters that you can't man up and get permission.

    You're 18+, get your own place to grow in if you can't get their permission.
  5. your correct, it's not that I can't man up, it matters that I don't want to ha.
    well then I guess i answered my own question.
  6. hey man ill help you i started my first grow in a small football locker. just check out this old thread of mine and ill answer anything you ask. but i grow in my parents house without them knowing, its just better that way because they wouldnt care either way, its just i dont tell anyone about my grow, not even my friends, but ill put it online:D

    but heres the link if this helps any:

    i changed up the setup alot for this plant, but i would have kept it in that if its all i had, you should check out my dresser i got it in now
  7. thats exactly how mine is haha. love what you did, very clever. haha.
  8. i figured that would help you out alot considering its pretty much the same shit, and i had noooo trouble what so ever from hiding it or the light, just have the timer for the lights turn off for when your parents get home and back on when they go to bed, thats how mine is and it seems to work
  9. I might not grow til I move out now though, but if I did decide to, what about the smell?
  10. ^^^get a carbon filter

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