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  1. Alright boys and girls, this is going to be my first grow. I'm hoping that all goes well and that it lives to be a beautiful plant. I wasn't too sure what strain it is so I just named it Dr. Zhivago.

    My setup is:
    400 watt MH
    12" deep pots
    Eko Compost
    Dr. Zhivago:)

    So here are the pics I took at about around day 10:
    Back left

    Picture at day 14:


    Wish me luck!:smoking:
  2. This at about 2-2.5 weeks in.


    It has grown 2 more leaves at the top, has a couple more leaves on it that are getting bigger and is doing very well.
  3. 3-3.5 weeks in.

  4. It seems like your lights are too far away. You have a killer light setup, so let your plants enjoy it! Also it seems like your getting water on the plants in the pictures. Some strains don't react well when you get water on the leaves, especially if there are ferts in the water. I would stick to just watering the soil. Is this bagseed?

    You should get some good dank from this setup though, subscribe'd
  5. There are no ferts in the water yet. Im going to start using FF I think though.

    I honestly have no idea what strain or anything my plants are. I bought them off of a caregiver who had too many plants and it was already sprouted (a little bit smaller than the first picture.) haha. Im hoping it is a female plant so I can clone off of it.

    But would you happen to know why my plant is starting to turn a little yellow on the tips?
  6. Well if your not using any ferts, and your not using a soil that comes with a lot of nitrogen you may have an N defficiency. Also it seems like you didn't fill the pots up all the way with soil, so your roots won't be able to grow as big as they should be able to for your plant to grow strong and healthy. You should possibly try transplanting so there can be more soil for the roots to grow in.

    Also height of the pot isn't how you should measure it. It is more important to know how many liters/galons it holds than it's height. Hope this helps!
  7. The plant to me looks great. I am very new to growing myself, so I can't be of much help. However, for my few plants, it seems like the early leaves are the most likely to have a problems. The cool thing is, that when you fix things, the new growth doesn't seem to hold it against you. I know it is a little stressful when every leaf doesn't look perfect, but try to relax, have fun and keep reading. I'll be watching, good luck!
  8. 3.5-4 weeks in :


    Im a little scared about its condition right now. If anyone has any pointers or tips to give, please do so because that would be great.
  9. It is just a scary process. I am scared every day I go look at my plants. I would just make sure whatever you give them has the correct ph. Check the ph of your runnoff also. They might be old enough to take some 1/4 strength nutes. Remember that I am only a few weeks ahead of you, so I am just trying to make sure you don't feel alone. Maybe you want to post something in the sick plants thread and get some better feedback.
  10. dude try not to get the leaves wet when the lights are on the light bakes the leaves thru the water like a magnifying glass. it will slow early growth:(:smoke:
  11. if you are not running any nute in the soil or mixed with water I would say this is some kind of nute deficiency. Im going to take a guess at Nitrogen deficiency, just because they need it a lot in the growth stage. The seed casing has enough nutes in it to live off of water for a week or two????

    Im still kinda new at this thing too so I could be way wrong. I have never grown in soil so I dont know but how much are you watering. If you are using tap water I have been told to let it sit in a jug or whatever with out the lid on it for a day or so to let the chlorine evaporate out of it.

    a ph of 4 is def low i know on the hydro side to stay around 5.5-6.0 5.8 being ideal. soil is a little higher I think prob around 6.5?????

    good luck dude! maybe someone can chime in that knows whats up???

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