first grow ever. cfls. any advice is appreciated

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  1. Okay so i'm growing for the first time and am on day 19 right now. i have pictures from every day but i thought it would take entirely too long so i'll just start now and start updating now.

    this is my first grow ever and i've spent the past month constantly studying and reading the forums. Here's a picture of my setup, and my two plants. How're they looking?

    I'm in fox farm ocean forest soil right now in 5 gallon buckets, i transplanted 4 days ago into this all. I haven't used any nutes yet but i'm starting probably in a week or two. same with topping, i was planning on topping in another week.

    I've been running on 24/0 for the entire grow process since germination. The last two pictures are Plant B, which i'm trying to lst. but i don't think it's going too well. The 2nd picture is of Plant A, which is looking okay in my opinion, could be better though.

    As for my set up, on Plant A i have 3 26w cfls and on Plant B i have a 42w, and 2 13w cfls.

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  2. and my temps fluxuate between 76-78. trying to get them lower though. and i checked my ph three days ago when watering, it was at 6.3 then. i'll check the ph, n, p, and k when i water tomorrow or the next day
  3. Those look healthy and seem to be growing fast. Good luck!
  4. thanks brother! glad to hear, here are some pictures of today, Day 21. Plant A has perked up and is looking pretty nice. still not sure when to top. With Plant B, i'm trying to do a test of lst. Hopefully it works. How's my lst looking?

    I planned on watering today since it's been 5 days since my last water, (planned on 2 gal every 5 days) but the soil is still damp about an inch down so i'll wait it out til its bone dry.

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