first grow ever! Cabinet, CFL, with pics!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Zukari, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I just wanted to post a picture of the babies and the setup for any criticism you may be able to give.

    One of them got burned up a bit due to my dog, but it seems to be recovering.

    Organic soil, prelite, and manure/hummus mix (going off memory!) is the current medium, they already smell really good, is that normal?

    These plants are about 7 days old and came from some bagseed (white widow). I need to manage my box, as currently with doors closed it hits 95 degrees, I've been leaving the doors open leaving temps around 80 degrees.

    They are on an 18/6 light schedule currently with about 180 watts of 6500 daylight bulbs.

    Anyway, what could I do or change to expect a larger yield?

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  2. and also check out a thread on LST(Low Stress Training) great yields are possible in tiny areas.. just check it out and youll be set
  3. Ya going to do lst soon! I'm really concerned about temperatures currently.

    I think I'll add some pvc light traps for more intakes around the bottom and 3 large exhaust fan/traps. I'd like to use more light, but currently that wouldn't be a good idea.
  4. you have to suck the hot air out of the box/cabinet. If it's simply circulating there wont be any temp reduction probably even quite opposite as you are pushing hot air from the top to the bottom and again.
  5. Ya I ran into a snag, I couldn't find my 4 inch drill bit to saw holes in the sides. Right now they are 2" and have no pvc or fan attached, so in the mean time I've been leaving the doors open.

    Once I find that bit, or obtain one ill be square - I hope. I'll have the exhaust at the top of the bottom segment, with high cfm fans, hopefully it will do the trick.

    I plan on making the top segment of the cabinet for flowering, but this is the first stab at this!
  6. you can drill plenty of small holes around the 2" one. it might not be as efficient but still will be better... also have you considered using pc fans? some are able to extract up to 100 m3/hour or you may use these to intake cool air.
  7. Ya that will be half my fan arsenal. Unfortunately the ones I have laying around are only about 50 cfm

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