First Grow Ever Basement CFL Box Grow

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    Hey guys im new to grass city and new to growing as well so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Im going to be growing either LSD strain from Attitude Seeds " Barneys Farm LSD Feminized " or maybe pick up some bag seed depends how the budget is looking.

    I will be doing Updates as often as possible so to get started of with here are a few pictures of prepping the grow room.

    Grow room under construction : Mylar Balloons from dollar store seemed like a steal


    Lights: Any Opinions? 26 Watts 2,500K


    Little Snack i made for the group and i while we work on the box. Weed Fire Crackers with melted marshmallow chocolate frosting trix cereal and a finishing touch of sour path kids. FUCKED ME :hippie:

  2. Alright guys just ordered my seeds on Sunday from :hello: i got 5 feminized Barneys Farm LSD :D Here is a little Update on the grow room and getting set up for the plants.:smoke:


    Finished the door to the grow box i made it out of extra wood while stoned :smoke: like the creative handle? haha


    A little peak inside the grow box. Its currently 70 degrees F with both fans on low, still have to hot glue the mylar to the back of the door and roof of the box. :bongin:


    A picture of the grow box when the door is closed and all lights are on. :cool:

    Alright guys ill keep you update i am expecting the seeds by this friday or sometime next week hopefuly. :metal: Subscribe and leave feedback please :smoke:
  3. thats is such an impressive box

  4. Well thank you Ryan i hope the harvest is good :smoke:
  5. Group? Are you planning on getting busted?

    Rule #1 : dont tell anyone.
  6. this is not rule #1 for everyone, some people have people they can trust in their lives, people on here act as if theres never been a succesful grow where more than 1 person knew about it

    i mean even posting about your grow online is telling someone so...:rolleyes:
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    That's not my first rule we all know that we tell no one and we all trust each other so without them I wouldn't even be able to grow

  8. ahah thank you :hello:
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    Update: I have the grow room 100% ready for growing even got fox farm ocean breeze :) just waiting for my seeds..
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    Update: Just got my seeds in the mail putting one seed into germination as we speak! :hello: :hello: :hello: :smoke: :smoking: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin:

  11. woohoo may the fun begin!

  12. haha i agree im excited to see how this turns out im hoping for a really good yield of some amazing bud :smoke:
  13. Pulling up my seat~!
  14. Update:
    Alright well first seed is still in germination and here is just a pic of the finished grow box :)


  15. Hey man thanks for the tips and thanks for subing im germinating my seeds still they havent popped yet i have them wrapped in a moist paper towel but i can see where the root is about to poke through very exciting :) :smoke:

  16. Thanks man ill try to put on a good show :smoke:
  17. I've got a comfortable seat too! What's bag seed and what's femmenized seed?
  18. looks pretty good so far man. My only concern would be i dont see an exhaust in your box. Without an exhaust fan your box is gunna get mega stuffy and your babies wont be able to breath.
  19. good luck hope you get a huge yeild you and your "group" deserve it

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