First grow ever. 4 x 4 tent 1000 watt. Need help

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  1. Hello GC, I have been lurking around the forums for a few months now trying to create the perfect setup. I have learned so much and I believe I am ready to start my operation. I have decided to go with super soil grow with roots organic as my base soil. I choose this because I am all for organic and I do not want to have to worry about ph and ppm and all that on my first grow. I still have a few questions, mainly about my setup and if I need anything else. Please let me know if these items will be good or if I need something different or more. Also I am planning on 3-4 plants in 7 gallon smart pot, maybe scrog. I am open to any opinions on what will give me the best yield. I am not sure how many I can fit in my tent but I believe this would be best under 1000 watt hps. Also planning on vegging under 1000 watt mh.
    \nI will be using:
    \n4x4 SJ Tent
    \n6x24 phresh filter-550 cfm
    \n\nNow I plan on getting 2 6" inline fans and an oscilatting fan. This is where I have questions. I have read alot on this but am still confused on what would be the best setup. What I have come up with is duct>fan>duct>hood/cooltube>duct>filter>duct>fan. I will be intaking fresh air from the bottom and exhausting it out of the top of the tent with the last fan on the outside connected to the duct. I hope this makes sense. Please if anyone has advice I am open to all options. 
    \nThanks so much GC!

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    im a little confused why you have 2 fans on 1 ducting this is your best options filter>duct>hood>duct>fan>>>>outside.. thenthis is my setup filter>duct>fan>>outside and then i have duct>hood>duct>fan>>>>>outside.. 
    also i think you should do more the 3 plants under a 1000 watt light. you should do 6-9 IMO
  3. The reason I have 2 fans is because I was thinking that I used one fan to intake air through the duct and through my hood and filter and my last fan would exhaust the air out through the final duct after it goes through the filter. Is it better to filter the air when i intake it or before I exhaust it? Ive heard both ways. I think I could do 6-9 as well. However I am only in a 4x4 tent so I did not want them to be cramped at all but have enough room to flourish to their maximum potential.
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    It's best to pull air over a bulb/through the hood or tube instead of pushing it through. A 550cfm inline should be able to keep that thing plenty cool without additional fans.

    Air should be entering your system through the carbon filter first. They are designed to be pulled through and not pushed through. It should to filter>duct>cool tube>duct>inline fan
  5. My filter is 550 cfm as well so you think that and the 550 cfm fan would be good? So filter the air through my hood and cooltube and where would the fan be in that setup? at the very end? sorry im noob, the only thing thats confusing me is the ventilation
  6. Yeah have the fan at the end pulling air into the filter, across the cooltube/bulb and than into and out of the fan and dumping somewhere away from the grow area.

    That's plenty of fan, I have a 440cfm fan/filter with my cooled 600w in a 4x4 and I have it turned down to 75% without heat issues, I could go lower if I wanted.
  7. Here's a pic that should help visualize it. This is how my tent is setup.

  8. sounds good to me
  9. that looks like what im going to be trying to do. Really nice! and thanks for the visual
  10. how/where are you doing the vegging/cloning at?
  11. I have my 3x3 with a 400w for all that.

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