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first grow EVAR

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by threj26, May 20, 2010.

  1. I cant argue Youre right.
    However depending on the bulb its closer to 400 watts hps lumen output=700 watt cfl lumen output
  2. the ritz box thing is my attempt at a simple light trap that seems to werk ok,the air comes in and just keeps the little ones movin around,im still figuring out an exhaust.
    and yeah,working with this tiny box is really frustrating,but i only have limited space :confused:
    im thinking of putting another box on top of it so they look stacked,just to add some room for later on.
    honestly,i didnt think all six of these seeds would germinate and sprout,what with this being my first time i expected something to go wrong somewhere,lol
    but it didnt,and now im not sure as to how to progress on to veg and flowering.
    so far its been touch and go,just makin it up as i go along,and its workin for the time being,so i'll just see what happens :D

  3. No worries man, we're here to help,just ask whenyou have questions.:)

    Make sure whatever you decide on for your final grow space, the intakeshould be low down and the exhaust somewhere near the top. :wave:
  4. yupyuppp,thats what ive been reading and as soon as an exhaust gets put on its going higher up and on the opposite side of ze intake.
    heres some new pics,the embryonic leaves on one of em are starting to shrivel and lose color,is this normal?
    other than that all is lookin good for a week in soil XD

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  5. perfectly normal. your plants are lookin good my young grasshoppa!
  6. I'm intrigued to see how this comes out, i'm planning a grow with limited space myself and like the idea of what you're doing. I'll be keeping myself posted! Hows the cardboard bow working at regulating the temp?
    What strain have you planted?
  7. HAHA nice update.... My cat sits outside my grow door too... n when i go in hes right next to me tryin to swat my shi*t like its one of those balls on a spring lmao..... i just transfered mine into bigger pots and cleaned out my walkin closet... i was thnkin a box but... i got the closet so y not... i so wish i had a camera!!! :smoke:
  8. yeah,that was first idea actually,and eventually it might come to that,just build something crazy so it looks like theres a giant box in my closet,hahahaa. wE sHaLl SeE,MWAHAHAAA :laughing:

    i dont quite have a thermometer in there yet,i know i know,GET ONE,but im working on it. :D i'll be picking up one of those,some ph testing kits,and either some mylar or flat white paint fer the inside. all six of these are just bagseed,i didnt want to fuck up something beautiful on my first run. my friend was awesome enough to give me all the seeds he had saved up and there were quite a few nice ones.

    would you guys happen to know if bagseed can still produce something awesome?


    i've gotta say,this has been pretty easy so far,and with the slow pace at which things move,its not too hard to keep up with these little guys. i guess what im saying is now i KNOW,no matter where i live or what im doing,i'll always be able to grow,and man.....thats empowering :smoke:
  9. not much of an update,buuuuuut MORE PICS :D

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  10. Yoooo your set up looks insane. Whats the humidity like in there?
  11. the humidity isnt too bad,i dont have a meter or anything in there,but when i open it i dont get a blast of super humid air,just kinda warm air. sometimes i mist em a little,and that gets it up. ima have to post some new pics on here soon,alot has changed in that little box XD
  12. Yo Wal-mart sells a hygrometer for $8.00, Acu something. It works fine for me.

  13. Hey there, Bagseed can produce some good gear but its a gamble. I'd personally say a gamble worth taking if you got the seeds for free. You aint got anything to lose so go for it and fingers crossed you'll get some good dank! :smoking:
  14. Im following this. any updates?

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