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  1. high therrrre
    a few months ago i stumbled upon a DIY stealth dresser,and ever since then growing has snagged my mind somethin fierce. ive been lurking on here since then pretty much, and finally got my grow rollin, so i figured i'd share, get some input XD
    this is pretty much a test run since i have little to no idea as to what im doing, but so far its coming together nicely.
    ive got 6 bagseeds germinated in some papertowels, theyve been in the cups for 3 days now with some Fafard seed starter,which apparently is sphagnum peat moss (50-60%),horticultural vermiculite and a wetting agent. looking back i wish i wouldve put them closer to the light earlier,because to my untrained eye they look pretty stretched out,but im not quite sure.
    so yeah.
    thats about it
    thanks in advance for any input :smoke:

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  2. Thats cool I have almost the same thing goin... not in a box but in a space.. i had trouble w the cups tho they wearnt draining good so i gashed some nice holes in em this morning... i just put mine in the cups tho they arent that big yet just hitting the surface... GL keep it posted we will sees whos goes better ... i gotta get a charger 4 the cam so i can post some pics too...
  3. yeah,i tried to cut the same number of holes in the cups as the bottom of the pots i have for when they get bigger,idk if theyre good enough but they seem to drain just fine if i put too much water in em.
    good luck to you too!:D
  4. They are a little bit stretched, but nothing you can't repair. ;)

    Fill your cups to the very top with soil, this will help support the stems.:)
  5. I dont have mine filled to the top yet but i plan on adding as they get a little taller .. i think i packed the soil 2 tight when i started but its better after i cut the cups some more... ive never grown indoors but have had good luck outdoors over the past few yrs...
  6. Yeah, their a little stretched but not badly, a lil soil as mentioned earlier will fix that. The stretch you want to avoid is the stretch between those starting leaves you have now and the 1st true leaves, but since you've moved em closer it should help;)
    What light you using and what wattage??
    I was also on my first grow just a few month's ago so I know what it's like, but this ain't just a hobby, it's a life choice and your gonna love it so much before you kno it your gonna be teaching people.
    Just read, read and after you memorize it, read some more. Your bound to make mistake but learn from them, I'm pullin a seat.:hello:

    Good luck with your grow:D
  7. thanks for the tip,Freedom,that makes so much sense i cant believe i didnt think of it,lol. theyre lookin more secure now.
    im using two 27 watt cfl's,the box says 1700 lumens but i was reading somewhere not to trust the box? idk,i know im gonna have to amp up my lighting,im just not quite sure as to what kind of bulbs and where to get em,none of the lights i could find said anything about color spectrum so i was quite lost :confused:
    im also planning on getting some mylar for the inside before they get too big,im just waiting on my next paycheck.
    a couple ?'s
    -should i leave the reflectors on the lights?
    -is a 24 hr light cycle ok for seedlings?
    -is daily watering a bad idea for these little guys? ive just been adding water when they look dry
    -should i cut an intake somewhere on my box? i currently have a fan in there just to keep em dancin:D
    thanks guys,your'e the best. ive been needing something like this,i just didnt know it til i started,im looking forward to being a more experienced cultivator of AWESOME

  8. First things first leave that reflector, it amplifies the wasted light onto your plants, secondly, you need MUCH mor light, at least another 4-5 27w cfl's, your plants will start fighting for the limited light that is available therefore encouraging more stretching.
    If possible, keep those cfl's only for 2 week's worth of vegging and instead of more cfl's, invest in a 250/400 or 600w hps, thre's no need running up to 250w in cfl's when you could have got 1 hps that does 3 times the work of cfl's.
    Mylar is good, but if money is tight, clear white paint or white paper work just as good;)
    24 hour lighting is great for seedling's as their forver photosynthesizing and growing however I have found 20/4 more fruitful as the 4 hour dark allow's my plant's to rest and this is when they work best on the root system.
    Daily watering is a bad idea if your not too sure on the amount your giving them. On my first grow, daily watering = drooped plant's because I was overwatering. I'd advise you to water once every 3rd day for now. However if soil look's extremely dry or feel's light to pick up then water. Also, around the 2nd week, lightly introduce nute's to them, that will provide them with the Nitrogen and other good stuff for their next few week's of growth spurt.
    And if you don't have an intake, do it NOW. without an intake, that oscillating fan you have is only blowing stale air, this will have a huge inpact on your plants as marijuana need's fresh air, make an intake and if possible, get some little fans to pull fresh air into your cab.

    Keep up the hard work and do loads more research, you've got loads to learn that will impact how your girls progress so get studing. :D
  9. No worries man, I did exactly the same on my first grow. :rolleyes::)

    There's a sticky on cfl's in the indoor growing forum, very informative. :) You will need more watts and you want ACTUAL watts, not the equivalent. HPS and MH lights are preferable, but more expensive and they come with their own problems.
    CFL's can produce great buds in the right hands, are cheap to run and don't get as hot as an hps....but, you want to aim for about 100 watts per plant. :)

    Mylar is great but cfl grower is right (haha!! strange screen name for someone advising u to get an hps! :p) flat white paint will do just as well.



    I water my seedlings everyday, but my temps are very high at the moment, u should be careful not to over water but if the soil is dry, water. You'll get used to watering, it's a noob issue. ;)

    Yes, and an exhaust preferably.

    Good luck. :smoke:

  10. :D:D:DHaha, yeah I started with cfl's, I still use em for seedling stage's up to 2/3 weeks, their the best sorce of light to use at such a delicate time. but eventually I discovered hps and no matter what anyone tell's me as I'm a cfl man myself, cfl's will never compare, and I mean NEVER compare to the results you can achieve with hps or mh. Even in the right hands, unless the cfl grower is using like 1000w of cfl's which is a waste of money coz he could have easily got the same results with a 400w hps and save electric;);)
  11. I agree, I use hps myself, it is in a different league. :smoke: CFL's offer some great advantages to noobie growers tho. ;)
  12. Awesome,thanks for your quick and concise answers,they're much appreciated. instant help thanks to the interwebz and grasscity,woot!

    yeahz,im definetely sticking to cfls. im just going to have to upgrade,they can wait til i get paid :D
    as for an exhaust,it really isnt getting too hot in there. they seem to like it. is that going to change?

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  13. yeah, you'll eventually need an exhaust
  14. Hey man, cute cat. :D

    Have you got a gentle breeze blowing on those sproulettes? It really helps to promote strong roots, thick stems and keep bugs away. :):wave:
  15. alritey-o,i'll get workin on that then. my main issue was i wasnt sure how to put up a light trap,but luckily i found an easy tutorial on (where else?!) one of the other threads.

    lol,i know right? shes a little goofball. and yeah,ive got a fan in there keepin em dancin. should i leave that on all the time or would they appreciate some still air once in a while?

  16. As long as it's on for a good portion of the day you'll be alright. They like fresh air, so it's good to keep it moving. That's why intake and exhaust r so important, it allows new air into the grow space and old air out instead of just blowing the same stale air about. :)
  17. yeah,that makes sense. got the intake goin! would it be better to have it on the inside or does it not matter?
    i'll be makin the exhaust tommorrow,prolly the same thing just on the opposite side and more towards the top.


    mmm,ritz munchablezzz :smoke:

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  18. Hey man. :wave:

    Lol, not sure I understand quite what you've got going on there. :p I got distracted by the munchables. :cool:

    So you've got than fan pulling air into the grow space right? Where does the air go?

    Not sure about all that cardboard man ;) Can you get an old wardrobe or fridge or something to grow in? :)

  19. I will have to argue this. lol

    Only way cfls dont compare is lumen output to wattage and light penetration.

    CFLs grow dank just as well as hps any day without the heat. but thats just MHO. im sure ill get feedback. :D

  20. I'm not argueing, I do totally agree cfl's grow dank bud BUT only with enough power output(wattage).
    That's why I said you'll get the result's a 400w hps does with about 1000w of cfl's. Are you going to argue this point???

    What I'm saying is if you grew 4 plant's under a 400w hps, and at the same time grew another 4 under 400w worth of cfl's, the cfl grow will not compare anywhere near the results of a hps running the same power.
    Even at that, after 9 week's for both, the hps will be ready but you'll still need another week or 2 to finish with the cfl's therefore using even more power..;)

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