First grow (entering flowering )

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  1. Its my very first grow entering flowering stage with 3 plants ( lemon kush, vanilla kush , and white widow) From seeds .

    Seedling veg with cfls

    Veg stage with mh 400w

    Flowering with hps 400w

    Soil / miracle grow

    3 gallon pots

    Veg 6 weeks

    Top white widow once

    .... Just wondering what you vetts think about my first grow an do anyone have experience with these strains an yeilds ( don't have to get technical ) . I'm just askin how did yours turn out
  2. Sorry about that ... Heres the pics

    White widow

    Lemon kush

    Vanilla kush

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  3. Yes sir you are ready to go full scale now looks good and I agree MG is boo boo but use what you got it worked for you I use the seed starter and its great fox farms is a little hot for seeds

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  4. Welcome to growing. As you have already found out there are a lot of things to learn about growing and what's best for the plants. Next time get a soil from a hydro store or a good organic soil from the hardware store. It will produce a better product.
  5. You guys think he will do good with some Sunshine Mix? Or stay Organic?
  6. It's called Pro Mix. It's a good base to start with.

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