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  1. Hey everyone,
    Thanks for reading this and any knowledge you could share would be very helpful! Me and my mum bought 5 easy sativa seeds and 2 sprouted about a week ago. They seem to be growing ok, we're moving them from the back garden during the day to a sunny window int he evening.This is an outdoor grow, we're doing it more as an experiment then anyhting, but  I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me why theres 3 leaves instead of two on my plants? Does this indicate anyhting? there was 3 leaves on the 'false' (first) leaves too.
    i've been letting the soil dry out nearly completely before filling a trough with water and placing them in it, every 3-4 days or so. obviously its too early to sex them but we're hoping one of them might be a little lady :)
    Heres the photos I took today 
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    Thanks for any info!

  2. i'm not sure why but i can't really see what it you posted as far as pictures go but i can say that many of my clones have three leaves sometimes and i can tell you they are perfectly healthy. I mostly see it alot in my papaya plants. What I would be more worried about is the sex. I'm a feminized seed man my self. I don't like to guess I would just rather pay the extra money. But usualy when I see growers using normal seeds they plant twice what they want because you'll be surprised with how many males you end up with, I hope lucks on your side because with just two sprouted at this point if you turn ball on both your going to have a really short grow season.
    Ps if you infact get both kill the male. Unless your planning on doing some sort of cross breeding ( which I don't think you are ) a male will create pollen sacks that will burst and get carried on the air which will in turn pollenate any surrounding females creating seedy budd.
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    than you h3rb for replying. can you not see the pics? i up'd them to the gallery on this site? strange. anyway, yeh, on second thoughts my mum and i agreed that in future we will definitely buy feminised seeds. these 5 easy sativas were 17 euro and we thought them a bargain, but if they both turn out to be male it will be all for nothing!
    this is the first time ive ever grown so it really is just an experiment to see if these seeds could grow outdoors at our latitude, if they do, then next year i think we will defnitely spend the extra cash on feminised seeds.
    so the 3 leaf thing isnt such a big deal? thats reassuring thanks, i was wondering if it meant something really detrimental to the health of the plants so thanks for explaining it to me :)
    edit: yes, if with any luck one is female we will surely get rid of the ballsack one! :)
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    Ya it was my computer i see it now. I think you are looking fine those sprouts will come on on there own

    On s side note I'm looking forward to seeing How this progresses ill be following closely
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    Hey again! back with some new photos and q's..
    I think my little sprouts are having some problems. They have been in alot of sun over the past week ( there hant been a cloud in the sky) and ive had them in full sunlight for most of it. Could this be why both plants leaves are drooping? Also not so easy to see from the pics, but they are both quite pale green in colour. I dont think ive been overwatering and i havent fed them yet, so if anyone might be able to help I'd be forever greatful :)
    Here's the new pics, they're looking awful forlorn so they are:
    View attachment 4503
    How long do they need in the sun at this stage?
    Thanks you guys!
  6. Where did you get regular Easy Sativa seeds? They are only produced by one breeder, and she only breeds fems.

    Trifoliate plants generally mean male btw.

    Also you're over watering.
  7. Hey cl4p! thanks for replying :)
    I got these seeds from, thanks for the info on easy sativa, I've been trying to find out as much as i can about this strain. I dunno about, I dont think i'll buy from that site again, its an irish company and it took 2 weeks for the seeds to get to me, and only after sending a complaint to the site that they hadnt arrived. :confused_2:
    right so it looks like overwatering. The suns been blazing here for the last week or so, and at the end of the day these were really dry, but still I'll take any advice about them, i have them in the shade and havent watered them for 2 days now. They were getting over 12 hrs full sunlight for a week, i dont know if 2 week old sprouts can handle tht amount of sunlight? theyre also in black plastic pots? could this be keeping them too hot?
    ah so the 3 leafed clones are usually male ? this is sad news. But it was really an experiment to see if we could keep them where we are outside, so if they're boys it wont be so bad.
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    The tripholiate ( 3 point growing structure) tends to be male, but it is not 100%. Closer to 75% if the cotyledons( those first "fake leaves") are tripholiate. So let em run long enough to sex. I would at least.

    Yeah they look water logged to me. What's your soil? How hot does it get for you?

    And yeah you should of hardened em off a touch older, but they'll pull through.

    What's your plans? Containers? In ground? They'll be flowering by the second week of August if you really have Easy Sativa.

    Hey did those seeds come in a pack? Or just a little ziplock?

    EDIT: Whole lot of question marks up there, sorry for that. But I promise they all have the same goal of seeing you bring in your first harvest.
  9. cl4p, thanks again for this, and please the more questions the better-really just greatful to you for taking the time to help me out!
    the seeds came in a little clear ziplock bag, the kind that i'd buy weed in here :) at first i thought they were too pale to be viable, so i was surprised that 2 of the 5 seeds sprouted at all.
    now the reason i got the seeds in the first place is that both my parents are retired and in their 60's, they smoked alot of weed when they were younger, and my dad since retired has been smoking again, both my parents have all the oldfolk type problems, they sit alot and are on alot of meds, so i thought sativa was the way to go to get them up and moving again. Its me (im the daughter btw) and my mum who are the green fingers, my dads just been overseeing the whole operation :p but my mam seems to think with all of her gardening experience that she doesnt need anyone elses opinion on them! so its been a bit of a nark with us, mam says theyre too dry, i say theyr overwatered yadda yadda! too many cooks and all that jazz lawd!
    we planted them in a mix for germinating plants. Im not sure what exactly the ratios are in the mix, but i didnt add any perlite or anyhting to them, the soil is specifically for sprouts though, so we thought that that would be ok for the first few weeks?
    the weather here for the last week has been hovering around the 20 degree mark, for ireland thats nearly unheard of! Thats when they started drooping and gettng pale. I was moving them around the garden to get full sunlight all week? I suppose on second thoughts this wasnt such a good idea!
    I was wondering if just sticking them outside before letting them get a bit bigger was the right way to go about things, i thought that it was probably best to get them acclimatised to irish outdoor weather as soon as possible? just because irish summers are known to fluctuate between total cloud cover and weeks of rain , but I think your right, i shouldve kept them indoors a little longer, Chalking it down for next year :)
    the plan is to keep them in containers, my mam has some whopper sized ones if needed. I dont know when to transplant them though, i have a feeling their still too small to be moved? I'm thinking  that if i can get them looking perky again and maybe grow one more node ill get them into slightly bigger containers? ones filled with perlite and a good potting mix?
    thank you!
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    alo alls!
    Back again with another update--
    i think they're lookin ok? the 3 leaf thing that was happening at the beginning seems to have dissappeared on the latest nodes, but theyre sprouting shoots at the bum end of each branch, which seems a little worrying? havent topped them or anything yet? I read somewhere that when they start sprouting there is could indicate a little male?
    Any answers to all my newb question most appreciated as always :) thanks for reading!
    Heres some pics
    View attachment 120998
    View attachment 120997
    View attachment 120996
    ps: that black bag in the bg is a lil propagation chamber for 5 bagseeds i picked up at the weekend. with any luck theyll pop theyre heads up by tomorrow- its el scorchio here in ireland atm! :) 

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