First Grow, DWC, LED, Super Skunk, FIM, etc... Need Tips

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  1. Whats up everyone,

    I'm posting this to get an idea from others about my setup, ideas, plans, etc...

    This is my first "real" grow, I did a small closet one about 6 years ago in soil, it did not turn out good, had to rush it, blah blah blah. Anyways, I am working on my first real DWC grow and I plan to start as soon as my ILGM seeds arrive "Super Skunk Fem".

    My setup is as follows:
    36x20x62 Apollo Grow Tent
    300w Mars Hydro LED
    4" 1050+ IAV Carbon Filter with a 4" 190 CFM Ducting Inline Fan Blower (I know it is a bit overkill, but better safe than sorry)
    DWC 5 gallon Bucket
    General Hydroponics Nute System (Trio)
    A few fans, temp monitor, ph stick, tds stick, etc...

    It seems like a pretty simple system, I plan to germ a single seed (I only want to grow 1 plant) in a paper towel then transfer over to rock wool and begin the process. I want to run a 24 hr light all the way until flower. The nutes I won't start until about 1 week in the 5 gallon bucket. I also want to FIM my plant for sure once, maybe more depending on how it goes, and also debating on running a SCROG due to my small tent size. I want to veg for around a month and hope to flower for no more than 2 months. Time is key here due to other circumstances. I also live in the south so I have a dehumidifier just in case.

    Is there any suggestions that anyone has. More specifically for a nutrient plan...


  2. Hay man i just wanted to mention that the water temp is real important if you live in the south in the summer. if you don't have a method to cool the water you will need to run something like DM Zone in order to keep from getting root rott. being in Florida i learned the hard way
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  3. Yea, true story man, my place stays pretty cool for the most part, so I don't think it would be a problem, but I got a 3 in 1 TDS meter so I will be checking the temperature of the water every time I check the PPM.

    I also have a few pics of my set-up, did it proper, but not too big. Let me know what you guys think. All of the grow details are in my initial post and the temperature / humidity is given in the picture, this is without the plant though :/, still waiting on the seeds!

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  4. Looks awesome man! Just make sure the water in your rez stays 72 or lower and your money bro..

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  5. Thanks guys, I put some thought into what my small tent would consist of for my first good grow. I am gonna post some pics once I can get it going, still waiting on the seeds believe it or not. The strain is Super Skunk Fem, nothing too fancy, just looking for an easy and resilient plant with high yields. I will get into something more complex as I do more and more.

    One thing I was debating over was the training for my plant. I know 100% that i want to FIM the plant multiple times, but I was also debating on doing SCROG. Would that be necessary or even possible by running a DWC 5 gallon bucket? I know I could probably manage to get the water changed every 10 days or so, but I do not want to injure the plant if I fuck up.

    I also found a few really cheap LED grow bulbs, nothing special, I think they are 12 W each, but I'm gonna add those into the grow as well, most likely at angles, so "some" light can penetrate the lower plant.
  6. I do a combination of LST, topping, super cropping and SCROG and it works great even on my autos lol. I try to split up each training for a separate day. LST one day, top the next, super crop next day after that, ect. 5g dwc will grow some monsters. I'm. In 3g buckets myself and average 2-4 os an auto in 90-100 days I'm sure with the right photo cut you could easily blow my numbers out of the water lol

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  7. Yea man, I wanna get some great yields. I am thinking of vegging for about a month or so, and then flowering for around 2 months, give or take, depending on how quick the super skunk gets going. I only have the one plant so hopefully all my attention there can make it perfect. I already have the perfect conditions set up, got the nute schedule which is the pic added (let me know if this is good). I am HOPING for 8 oz, but that would be amazing for a first time grow.

    The DWC Scrog problem I was mentioning is changing the water in the bucket while also keeping the plant in the screen. Do you drain your bucket each time or just keep refilling it? I think it would be a two man job to keep the plant stable and on the same horizontal plane while also changing buckets.

    I also think this may be the only 300w LED, DWC, Super Skunk grow I have seen online. I've seen different variations, but not this particular one.

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  8. Only thing I'm not adding is Cal-Mag to begin. I read many places that this is not necessary unless you are having a deficiency.
  9. I would pick up a bottle of calmag, you're gonna need it most likely lol. Especially if you're using LED, seems to make the girls harder on the calmag for some reason.

    I don't have an actual screen, I just drilled holes in my bucket lids and tie a grid type system to my plants and use a combination of LST, weaving, and the strings as a type of scrog, but it's not a screen lol. Sorry if that doesn't make sense im pretty baked. That way I can take the buckets out without effecting my training.

    I swap out the buckets every res change and clean the used ones right away. Takes about 30 seconds for a res change once nutes are added into the bucket, just take the lid and place on top of a new fresh bucket lol

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  10. Aaaaa I gotcha, yea, creating the scrog directly onto the bucket lid is probably the best situation, just gonna have to figure that one out. Yea, I may get some cal-mag just to have it around, I won't start my nutes until 1-2 week once in the bucket.

    Another question about starting from seedling. How do you go about it? I was planning on doing 1 seed in a paper towel, once the tap root comes out, transfer the seed into a rockwool cube and put it directly into my 5 gallon bucket with straight water coming up about an inch into the net pot. Does all of that sound legit?
  11. For the seedlings, I germ in paper towel, and as soon as they crack I'll position them. In such a way that the taproot still is in the paper towel but they seed is poking it's head out for some sun light as early as possible

    Once I got a taproot about 1" long it goes directly into the DWC with no medium, just the net pot, and neoprene insert holding the girl up


    Some root porn for ya ;)

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  12. Man, those are some healthy looking roots, and a massive bubbler. More bubbles really does = higher yields huh?

    I have never seen anyone use no medium, that is pretty interesting. Do you bring the water level all the way up to the tap root? Or have it below so it continues to reach?

    I have some growstones growing medium coming, ever heard of them?
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  13. Thank you kindly. Yes the more oxygen the better man. Really seems to be the magic of dwc- high access to oxygen and nutrients whenever needed. Bigger the roots the more fruits ;)

    Yes during the initial first few days I'll bring it literally right to the bottom of the net pot as most roots still are not that long, but that splashing bubbles give the taproot the water it needs, but still makes them stretch to find more. The starting water levels for seedlings really is important imo, more so than water levels after the first week or two and roots start to take off

    And I have not heard of that but I'm going to look them up right away while I enjoy my evening bowl! Is it kind of like hydroton?

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    Yea, I've read different things about water levels, but another important note that most people make is that of not using nutes for the first week or two.

    Yea, the growstones came with a package deal with an air pump, air stone, etc... I've read a little on them, but haven't seen much as far as grows go.

    I'm looking more and more about Scrog nets attached to the lids of DWC 5 gallon buckets, I think I'm gonna go by a home depot or something tomorrow and make something from scratch. I'll put up some pics of that.
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  15. This was my super skunk plant, good with topping gave good full colas [​IMG]

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  16. Aaaa nice man. Care to give me some of the details of your grow? Lights, timings, nutes, yields? Also, any characteristics of Super Skunk that you found were different from other plants?

    Thanks man, starting mine up very soon.
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  17. I used 4 32 watt t8 bulbs for veg aprox 5 weeks, can handle nutes better than most plants. Didn't strectch a lot under my 1k hps and have a short flower time 60 days max. Very nice smoke. I lst the plant and topped twice, great plant for scrog

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  18. Nice nice, great to hear, I plan on FIMing 2-3 times and possibly scrog for flower. Running the DWC with 300 LED, hope to veg for a month and flower for 2. Hoping for decent yields.

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