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    Well hello there fellow medical marijuana enthusiasts!
    As you can see I'm new here on the forums & new to growing these lovely ladies!
    I'm looking for some advice on a potential DWC setup I will be constructing myself. I'm going to provide the specs to my desired grow space, my shopping list as it is currently, my desired yield PP, and anything else that might help everyone provide accurate advice.
    Note: Although I have yet to do my first grow, I am decently educated overall on growing thanks to literature.
    Here's the specs of my space:
    Length - 62"
    Depth - 25"
    Height - 8'
    Books I currently own:
    Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Growers Handbook
    Marijuana Buds for less (Grow 8 oz. of bud for less than $100)
    Note: Please don't hesitate to throw out names to some wicked books. I'm all about being well educated ;)
    Shopping List:
    5 Gal Buckets x 4 
    Link: Home Depot

    (Only will be utilizing 3 I believe due to not wanting to over crowd the ladies and provide them with plenty of room to develop some super dense and gigantic cola's! I did some rough measurements and 4 of the buckets PLUS the rez would be a little much for that space, or so I think, correct me if I am wrong)
    Net Pots 6" x 4
    Link: HTG Supply
    <div>Botanicare Daisy Aero 4 - 3" Net Pots Cloner
    Link: 4 x 3" Cloner
    Link #2: 8 x 2" Cloner (Leaning towards link #1 due to only having a 3-4 plant setup)
    HDX 20-Gallon Multi-Purpose Storage Container (Reservoir)
    Link: Home Depot

    </div>Alita Airstone
    Link: Alita Airstone
    <div>GH - Rapid Rooter 50 Plug Tray
    Link: Rapid Rooter
    Hydroton Leca Clay Orchid/Hydroponic Grow Media - 2 lbs
    Link: Amazon
    Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump - 8 Outlet
    Link: Air Pump
    <div>Marineland - Maxi Jet 600 Water Pump
    Link: Water Pump
    <div>AcuRite 613 Indoor Humidity Monitor
    Link: Amazon
    <div>300w LED Grow Light Led Grow Lamp Hydroponic led Lighting   (Optional, a little too expensive, but I might be able to make it work in my budget if people think it will be a big difference from HID, CFL, or MH with my yields/space)
    Link: LED Light
    Hanna Instruments HI 9813-6N Waterproof pH/EC/TDS Temperature Meter
    Link: Amazon
    EcoSmart 150w CFL
    Quantity: 4
    Link: Home Depot
    <div>Commercial Electric 150-watt Clamp Light
    Quantity: 4
    Link: Home Depot
    Reflective Surface
    Quantity: 1x 25ft (This should be more than enough for my space size correct?)
    Link: Diamond Fusion Film
    YET TO ADD TO LIST: Odor control/Ventilation system. The space is located right under an attic so I can route the ventilation system up to there when the time comes. Suggestions on Odor Control/Vent systems would be gladly welcomed. I may end up just putting a tent in that space if I decide to go with a vent system.
    Alright, so that about covers my shopping list thus far. I have YET to decide on what strain of ladies to grow in there, or what nutes to use (I'm somewhat clueless on nutes currently, so someone, please feel free to school me. I know it depends on what strains you are growing, and what not, so I'll leave that open for suggestions.)
    PS: I left out PVC piping and air pump tubing as well as PH adjustment solutions. I'll just grab that at my local store. Also I plan on getting Diatomaceous Earth to sprinkle on top of my medium to prevent unwanted pests.
    Potential Lady Canidates:
    NOTE: I have Epilepsy, so one of the plants will be dedicated purely to me. Sativa seems to help control my seizures more than Indica, or at least thats how it seems to me. Also since my space will be 8' tall, I'm thinking Sativa overall would be a good choice for at LEAST 1-2 plants, if not all 3 of them. I wouldn't mind some wicked Indica though ;).
    Nirvana Blackberry (Fem)
    Nirvana Ice (Fem)
    Nirvana Papaya (Fem)
    Nirvana Raspberry Cough (Fem)
    Paradise Auto Jack (Fem)
    Paradise Vertigo (Fem)
    Paradise Automaria II (Fem)
    Paradise Auto Wappa (Fem)
    Paradise Dutch Dragon (Fem)
    Paradise Delahaze (Fem)
    Paradise Jacky White (Fem)
    Paradise Spoetnik#1 (Fem)
    So these are all the strains I've been looking at thus far.
    Basically, since my space is quite limited, and I will be only having 3-4 plants at a time (not including fresh clones), I'm looking for a potent medical strain (or multiple strains if they will accept the same nutes) that will get nice and tall (Sativa's generally, but I'm sure I could train a pure Indica to get tall if I really wanted to with pruning), with (hopefully) gigantic yields in its genetics. Again, only ONE plant will be JUST FOR ME and my epilepsy. Oh and before I forget, I also have manic depression/migraine syndrome and severe anxiety. Throwing that out there just in case someone has a very specific recommendation for my personal plant. The other 2 plants will be for caregiving (general pain, anxiety, depression, terminal pain, etc).
    Desired Yield PP:
    At least 300-600g per plant. If I can get those numbers up higher, then FUCK YEAH!
    TL;DR - Looking for suggestions on my setup, what specific strains would work best in my space, give me the best yields, and for nute suggestions (depending on the strain(s) I will be growing). Lighting suggestions are also welcome!

    Thank you M0ngoos! I can't believe I didn't already find that on YouTube! Sneaky videos being sneaky! I know what I'm spending the rest of my evening doing :D
  3. Yeah man like I said HG has some of the most comprehensive stuff out there for DWC.
    Sunds like a night well spent, enjoy.
  4. Bump; Still looking for some great advice on the choice of strains for my specific medical conditions
  5. my fiance is bipolar and suffers severe migraines and insomnia, and she prefers to smoke more indica dominant strains.
    Ah, thanks a ton zmasterflash. Thats what I was looking for! Does she have any problems with the Indica making her sleepy or sluggish during the day? That seems to be a problem with me, could just be the strains I've had access to locally though /shrug

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