First Grow (Dresser grow) lights?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by iBlaze_All_Dayy, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Hey Blades
    I constructed a grow cabinet that was going to be a micro grow and was going to flower and everything in it. However I decided to use it as a veg chamber and flower in a dresser so I can have the biggest most frequent harvest possible. The space is 40Hx30Wx15D. I am going to be placing mylar or panda film on all the walls. I'm super confused on what lighting I want to use. My grower friends suggested I use nothing other than a HPS because CFLs will get loose buds compared to that of the HPS. I want to have 3 or 4 two and a half-three feet tall plants or 8 foot tall plants in there. If I get a HPS I would like to get a 250w bulb but I'm not sure if I wanna spend the cash for something thats gonna turn my box into a heater. I have looked at large CFLs (also 250w) and feel like they are gonna be slightly cheaper but I know my lower buds wont be as dense. I was thinking of getting 6-8 40w CFLs and placing two on both side walls, one on the back, and 2 hanging from the top that can be adjusted. This way I can keep all bulbs near the plants. I'm at a loss though, I'm really not sure what lights to go with. Do I go with a single 250w CFL and keep it a few inches from my plants? A HPS? 8 40W CFLS? I'm stressed! PLEASE someone shed some light for me (Pun intended :smoke:
  2. Hello? Any help?
  3. It's up to you man.

    A hps is going to require lots of cooling with a cab that small. A cool tube would really be the way to go as far as that's concerned. Extra expenses all around.

    If went with the big cfl just do a scrog or stay on top of lsting them. Or you could go with little ones.

    A lot of people still produce decent bud with just cfl. You might want to look into t5 as well.
  4. The biggest issue that will determine what you use is heat. Dressers can make crappy grows. The wood will absorb heat like a sponge and take a while to dissipate. HPS lights can get to hot to touch without buying yourself. In a small confined area your going to need some serious airflow to keep it cool.

    I would go T5 or CFLs they still generate heat but not nearly as much...or you could get a proper grow tent where the heat won't be trapped in get some inline fans and not have to worry about anything :) Go large or go home :p

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