First grow done. things I've learned.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by imap420, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. 1) Had problems with mold growth in my reservoir. Need to seal light properly, especially at the plants stem.

    2) 400 watts is very hard on the electric bill and far too much for a grow area 2' x 4'. far too much heat and light for one area.

    3) if you have a water pump and you are pumping water from a reservoir to the plants, the return line needs to be at least double the size of the supply line. Measures also need to be taken to make sure the roots do not clog the return line.

    4) bat guano doesn't work with the lucas formula.

    5) Organic kush and super lemon haze is amazingly smooth compared to its synthetic counterparts. Best smoke I've ever had, and I messed up a lot.

    things I plan on doing differently:

    1) I was using 3 gallon buckets for my grow. 1 per plant for 2 plants and a reservoir. I was able to examine the roots and have determined that a 10 gallon tote will give my plants double the room to grow up(1/3 the height of the 3 gallon buckets) and more room for roots. I also will not need a recirc pump and it will be easier to control the ph/ppm.

    2) I will be using a 250 watt ballast with my 400 watt bulb. Should bring the heat levels down and electric costs/growth rate will be much better. I know enough about electricity to know that sticking a 400 watt bulb on a 250 watt ballast will cause no harm to the ballast or bulb. HPS/MH bulbs rely on high voltage to keep them lit. a 250 watt ballast runs at the same volts as a 400 watt ballast.

    3) 15 day veg time instead of 30. at 30 days of veg it was near impossible to keep the girls off of the very hot lights.
  2. Glad to see you learned from your mistakes. By your third grow you will be amazed at what you are capable of. Usually takes about 3 runs to really get it dialed in. Keep it going, and growing, and keep on learning.
  3. I'm just getting ready to get a new light, and have been looking at a ballast that you can switch with a 400HPS from 50% (200w) 75% (300w) and 100% (400) I think this will work for me, just being able to change down if it's to much like you had happen.
  4. I also think i'm going to chop off the smaller bud sites. Probably going to turn all these mini buds into hash.

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