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  1. Hi all .. Learned so much doing my first grow and made so many mistakes ... ran at a constant 80-100 due to 600 watt heat , poor cooling and poor air control. And put seed straight into compost ( 15 litre pots ) , destroyed roots messing around too much in cloth pots etc etc. Here are some pics ... 2 autos 1 photo Auto ak , auto girl scout cookies and a freebie purple that didn't go purple . Pics are at 3 weeks old , 2 weeks into flower and trimmed just before harvest . As you can tell poor growth etc and a tiny percent of their potential achieved due to ignorance.

    Just started my second grow they are one week old and doing great and another world from last time. Started in small pots and just transplated today due to a beautiful root systems( see pics ) All autos this time Ak47 again , girl scout cookies again , cash crop , critical kush , blue treacle and star dawg . Got an air cooled hood directly connected to an inline fan sucking hot air into loft . Then another inline fan pulling fresh air in from window . All inline fans are tie wrapped to frame of tent for safety , noise reduction and to free up space as my tent is only 80x80x100 haha .

    Anyways if i can help anyone pls ask and stay tuned for my second grow diary if you would like . All the best !!

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  2. Start of 2nd grow and set up pics for those interested. They are 1 week old 2day from going in organic compost with a 75/25 % ratio dirt and pirlite started them in 1.5 litre pots . Just transplanted 2day into larger pots with same medium.

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  3. Please explain how you're going to fit 6 plants in an 80x80x100 tent.
  4. Sorry what an idiot i'am ... 1.60m high but still gonna be difficult . If it's 6 like my last 3 then easily but if they do better then it could get tricky especially when if i topped them ?

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