First grow, Doin cfls in my closet ;)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 1Malicious7, May 18, 2010.

  1. Encasement:

    Imma do 2 plants in my tipped over armoire.

    Its 72" wide 32'' high 20'' deep.

    Its covered in mylar.

    2 holes on each side in the back for ventilation in combo with a a 10" desk fan.


    9 well placed cfls.
    Half 2700k and half 6500k

    235watts of 2700k
    190watt of 6500k

    I want to do full spectrum all the way through, half of each.

    So far:
    They are already lil sprouts just getting their first leaves under the 85 watt Full spec.
    They are bag seeds of some bubblegum cross breed.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!

  2. plant leaves dont absorb light from the under side of leaves. all your light needs to be over the plant. I'd personally stand that thing back up cause plants can grow tall.
  3. I think Im going to do a test grow first with one plant.
    I'm gonna use the 85watt 6500k and the 65 watt 2700k for its full life.

    Ill do some LST to try and keep it at about 1' 6''.

    Bad idea?
  4. This is fucking awesome man, this is similar to the set up for two plants that I'm currently scheming up! What is an Ano Bucket?
  5. True facts. On both points.

    It's fairly stupefying how big a plant can get. The one time I grew indoors I grew out six plants. At maturity they were between 4 and 6 feet tall, and easily occupied 20 square feet of floor space. This is before lights, fans, and what have ya. Strain is obviously a factor, but if I were you, I'd plan on having lots of room to expand. I also used primarily cfls (about 25, but I also had four tubes four feet long) and I can tell you that I needed lots of room for positioning with all those bulbs and hoods. If I were gonna do it again, with two plants, I'd dedicate at least the space of a full size coat closet.

    But I'm not gonna do it again. What a gigantic pita.
  6. the plant can only grow as big as the envrioment it is in. pot size is a huge factor, lighting, you are not going to get the same result from a cfl setup as you would a 1000 watt hps/mh setup and the most important thing is patience. they dont grow 6 feet in a week. I am expecting my current grow to be about 4 feet as they will be turned to flower when they achieve 30 inches. they are just over 2 feet now so i expect another week. My planters for the last stage are 5 gallons each
  7. Unless you're talkin about plants that have become root bound I don't agree with this at all. Sure, there are things you can do to manipulate the shape of the plant- tie it down, top it , prune it, whatever else- but how big that plant wants to be is determined by genetics. That's true of trees and grass and tomatoes etc.
  8. Im doing the plan below.

    Does it look decent?


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