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  1. 4/28 Germinated in paper towel and zip lock bag
    4/30 Move into rockwool cube
    5/6 Tube t5's on. Major stretching occured because i misunderstood when to turn lights on. Supported stems with a straw.
    5/12 Place rockwool into foxfarm happy frog potting soil with 35% perlite mix.
    5/19 Gave 1/2 strength nutrients from fox farms trio (according to the chart)
    5/25 Gave 1/2 strength nutrients.

    This pictures are from today 5/29. The plant on the left has remaind relatively the same for about 10-12 days now. It has grown a little wider but not taller. The plant on the right has grown a lot in the last 10-12 days. 2 weeks ago it barely had a couple small leaves and was a dwarf compared to the other. Are the plants ok? The plant on the left has me slightly worried since it is so short and all the branches are combined into such a short area.

    I have a MH 400w bulb arriving today with air cooled hood and ballast. Should i switch out the t5's for the MH?

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  2. T5`s are great for short term veg, seedlings and clones. How many bulbs and how many watts is your T5 light? You can have T5`s much closer then most other grow lights and have tighter internode growth but once your plants start getting any decent height to them they lack light penetration. After your plants get a little bigger I would do a few dry runs with your MH light set up to get temps dialed in first. HID lighting puts off more heat then T5`s.
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    Thanks for the reply...
    There are 4 bulbs 54 watts each. Tomorrow i will be making my vent with plywood for my window to vent out all the heat. I have a 6" vortex that i bought with my air cooled hood/ballast/bulbs. I intend to be able to turn the MH light on tomorrow or sunday.
    Yesterday when i was looking at my plants i noticed 1 leave on each plant was yellow on the ends and curling up. It was 5 days since i watered them. I was letting the dry a little because of the few gnats i encoutered last weekend. I watered the plants last night without any nutrients. Is this a lack of nutrients problem? Or is this too high/low ph?


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  4. it looks like nute burn to me...why did you wait 5 days to water?  i usually water mine once every other day with about a cup of water and nutes every other feeding but low strenght for your babies...i would also recommend your 400w youll be surprised how much more light and growth youll see pretty quickly just watch light burn keep that thing further away than that t5 lol but other than that they look great

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