First grow Day 6, How we looking?

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  1. These sprouted 6 days ago. Spent the first three days outside due to circumstances making me put off getting a light. The second three days have been under a 400w mh conversion bulb. Had a bit of problem with temps, but that seems to have balanced out now and I have a better fan on the way.

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  2. Compared to alot I have seen lately on the boards those are doing great for 6 days out of the soil!

    Most seem uniform in size as well, another plus :D
  3. Very nice start!
  4. Nice, there looking live sativa dominants so make sure you have enough room to keep them hidden.
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    Thanks guys. It is a closet grow, ceilings are 8ft, I am most likely gonna try to start flower at about two foot or so and hopefully keep them down to about 6ft at the end. I don't know though, I may do some last if you guys think they are gonna get crazy tall.
  6. Wow. Yours in 7 days look waaay better then mines!

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