First grow Day 35 Of flower, tiny buds so far

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by seedstarterman, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. The more you buy the cheaper the shipping.
    Just one for 76 thats about right, probably get 2 for 100 shipping that is
    But they are fast
  2. 20201126_013341[1].jpg




    What do you think now brother? is it better than the blurple lights?

    I have them at 100% power, and the distance from plant top for each plant is:
    tallest plant: 12 inch (1 ft)
    2nd tallest: 15 inch
    middle tallest: 21 inch
    smallest two plants: 23 inch

    do you suggest to change height from this or keep as is?
    thanks so much again
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  3. I like em'.
    I'd bend the tall ones over and keep the canopy the same height and then lower the lights a bit.
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  4. 20201126_231335.jpg 20201126_231340.jpg 20201126_231343.jpg 20201126_231348.jpg 20201126_231353.jpg 20201126_231356.jpg

    I made some optimization to the setup andh angers, now its 12 inch or 1ft high from each plant , looks better right?

    the plant in the corner is my 2nd biggest unfortunately it has got the powdery mildew again but damn is so damn sticky and smell strong weed so I guess nothing to do but to wash the buds, I just hope they get bigger im very excited
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  5. Now get you to switch to hydro and really watch em' grow. Kicks dirt right in the ass. Hydro is 2 times as fast
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  6. @HardDrive here is a new update today is day 46 flower, do you think it looks better? it's hard for me to judge because I see it all the time but the smell is so hot in most of them, any advise how long for the plant to finish?

    20201202_004649.jpg 20201202_004618.jpg 20201202_003516.jpg 20201202_003509.jpg 20201202_003447.jpg 20201202_003442.jpg
  7. Look for amber trichs with a jewelers loupe. I go for 20% amber or so
  8. Oh they looking good, what size you think they would have been if you had those panels all the way?
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    still gotta be careful with this light being too close

    I noticed one plant suffered on the top with spot burning I never seen anything like that before

    20201205_020134.jpg 20201205_020137.jpg

    Now using my phone i took a picture and zoomed on the trichomes, If I understood correctly it seems this one is 50% clear 50% cloudy still building up, or what do you think? (I'm waiting on jewelers loop should arrive soon)

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  10. Fukn beautiful man
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  11. I struggled with wpm forever
    Ended up adding more fans and keeping my temps at 75f lights off and 81f lights on.
    Humidity close to 40% and bye bye wpm.
    I just hit day 35 flower and have had the best growth yet. (I’m only referring to the middle plant lol)
    Also the quantum boards are the way to go. Nice choice

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  12. nice bud bro, aren't these temperatures higher than needed for flowering? I keep mine between 70-77 throughout the day. As far as RH It has been in low conditions for a while yet pm doesn't care, literally between 28%-33% all day and it still spreads. I have humidifier set at 40% target humidity + exhaust fan on lowest setting yet humidity doesn't rise enough to more appropriate levels.

    I use Water+H2o2 spray for pm spot treatment, and literally learned to live with it to stop the stress because it doesn't ever want to leave

    I hope I make enough smokable bud till I make my 2nd grow which I promise I will do the best IPM from the start and not repeat any of my first grow noob mistakes.
  13. Not sure what exhaust fan setup you have but I would not have it on the lowest setting.
    If you can light a bic lighter near your plants you don’t have enough flow
  14. The higher temps really help with wpm and with the quantum lights I noticed better results raising my temps from 70 to 80 and wpm cannot survive in that temp
  15. I have a 6 inch carbon filter and 440cfm ipower exhaust fan, reason for being low setting trying to keep humidity in the room + the thing from amazon and it draws 90 watt just on lowest setting, highest setting jumps to 125watt. I will try to raise it more and increase the temps. I would definitely fail your pic lighter test easily
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  16. bro can you please give me more info on how the high heat has any anything to do combating PM? I raised the heat to 80's, increased exhaust fan to about 80% power, added another humidifer so now with 2 I'm still suffering to keep humidity close to 40%. It goes in low 30 and mid 20s most if time, also with added heat PM doesn't seem to slow down at all
    Screenshot_20201209-080834_Govee Home.jpg

    Screenshot_20201209-080848_Govee Home.jpg

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