First grow Day 35 Of flower, tiny buds so far (videos included

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  1. Hello folks I just found this awesome forum and I would love to get your expert opinion on my first grow

    To summarize what I did

    1. 5 plants started in 4x4
    2. 3x Gorilla Glue, 2x Girl Scout Cookies (Genetics quality unknown)
    3. Vedge for 60 days
    4. 5 Gal fabric pots filled like a 3-gal pot
    5. Everything was so smooth until Powdery Mildew start attacking at beginning of flower, it slowed the growth compared to how fast it was before PM
    6. I used 2x Vipraspectra 300W lights (Actual draw is 130W each from the wall)
    7. Took them out of the tent to try to control the PM and increase airflow, heavy defoliation multiple times and treatments of milk spray, neem oil and baking soda
    8. Baking soda fixed the Pm issue in one application finally.
    9. Now It has been a week or two without PM but buds are super small no collas nothing

    Video 1 on 11/17 Day 31 of flower

    Video 2 on 11/21 Day 35 of flower

  2. You’ll need more light to get fat colas. You’re at about 16 watts per square foot. It should be around 35-40. Add a couple 100watt quantum boards
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  3. And don’t post blurple videos or pics. Only white light.
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  4. Thanks newleaf. Is it safe to add more light at this stage of plant life? also do you have any recommendations for good brand lights, I always hear about spider farmer which is pricey, and also mars hydro and others.
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  5. 2 kits or maybe 3 would be best.
    Yeah been on em' for a while now.
    20200119_114010.jpg 20200822_220140.jpg 20200822_220158.jpg
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  6. That alibaba light would be a great choice. 2 would be better. Best price I’ve seen too.
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  7. I’d go with 3000k
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  8. 3K since most of the time is spent in flowering mode and it still kicks ass on veggin'
  9. I put the order in for 2 lights from alibaba will keep you guys updated. so far we are day 36 still so small it won't harvest shit this way lol
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  10. Right on brotha!
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  11. You should have em' in about 5 days
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  12. Holly shit I received it today my friend, I can't believe China to here is faster than Amazon prime! Thanks so much again, light comes on in 4 hours and I can't wait to install this big boy
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  13. Right on man. What about the quality? They look good don't they and with meanwell drivers too
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    it does look nice and heavy, and so bright after I assembled it
  15. Hey I just signed up on Alibaba and followed your link and it tried to charge me $78 shipping. What am I doing wrong?
  16. I paid $90 because I wanted to pay with paypal
    it arrived in 2 days so I ain't complaining, $76 is correct because its higher weight than $50 shipping for one light

    but damn that thins is so fucking bright
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