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First Grow Day 3

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Growjew591, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I just started my first grow a couple days ago, currently growing 2 different strains from bag seed. I have 2 OG Kush plants, both were germinated in paper towel but only one has come up through the soil both are planted in Miracle Grow specialty seed starting mix .05% N-P-K respectively. I'm not sure if I've ran into a problem With the one that is above soil the initial growth is a dark purple( ill show in pics) just wondering if this Is a cause for concern? As far as the other OG seed goes I know it has a good root structure and I'm expecting it to pop up any day now. The final seed is some fire Sour Diesel that I got out of a batch that I picked up the other day, the seed itself passed the crush test but has been sitting in a ziplock with paper towel for 36+ hours and shows no sign of popping open (the others popped in <24hrs) could it just be due to the different strain?
    For lighting I have 1 4200k overhead and a 75 watt blue HPS? Any suggestions or any changes I should make? The more feedback the better please!

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  2. Just let it grow I don't think you have anything to worry about right now just sit back and let them grow after 10 days if your seed don't pop it's prolly a dud

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  3. Cool I figured I was just stressing myself out for no reason haha
  4. whats the latest question? ps that pic quality is so bad the only thing i can see is the soil looks wet
  5. Yeah bad pic bad pic lol but looks like a brown half baby leaf just continue on as normal nothing you can do really if it lives great but it might go keep an eye on it

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  6. Not what I wanted to hear haha could it be from too much light? Sorry for the pic quality the iPhone 4 camera blows
  7. Way better pics

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  8. Cold it be too much light? too hot?
  9. Calm down ..... Better

    Ok you are good the next set of leaves are growing so don't trip
    No such thing as to much light well at that stage no I don't think so in a week you will rip those leaves off any way trust

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  10. Much better haha thanks for the input

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