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  1. Got a couple bagseed from some somewhat shitty "maui waui" It's the same product everytime from the person I got it from but this time it must have come from a herm plant. I just kinda did whatever with them and look at it go!

  2. I know it's not much to go off of compared to most posts but, no comments?
  3. Plant one today:

    Plant 2, just transplanted this the day before yesterday from a cup, it's been taking off ever since. This one's about four days younger than Plant 1

    Here they are, so beautiful :)


    So everythings going great with both of them at this point, both plants suffered from over-fertilization pretty early on. (inexperience to blame)

    But they seem to be recovering super good after a nice flushing.

    If there's anything obviously wrong to you guys out there I'd love to hear all comments.

  4. I think you will need a fan for good air circulation.
    You grow inside cabinet?
    What is this brown sand?
  5. Looks good so far, what is your lighting situation besides the bulbs we can see in the pics?

  6. That "brown sand" is dirty perlite in the soil that got brought to the top during the flush.

    And those are the lights I have, a little rudimentary but I have two 100w daylight bulbs and those two 40w softwhite just trying to get some light to the undergrowth, and there is a fan in there at all times.

    I've got two double tube fluorescent fixtures at my house back in sc that I'm gonna hang vertically when it becomes necessary.

    this is closet setup

    also, just vegging right now 24/0 light cycle.
  7. Sweet!

    You are off to a great start and looks like you have got the hang of water and nutes based on your great progress so far! You probably already know you will need more light to have a "Happy Finish!" :)
    For only one or two plants I would suggest something like a 250w hp sodium bulb reflector set up added to what you are doing. That will speed up your 24/0 growth rate and when its flower time you will have the horsepower to finish!

  8. I definitely don't have the money to support the budget for a 250 watt HPS. I'm a college student who just landed a part time job so money is super tight.

    Also, this are in like half gallon pots right now, should they be transplanted into something larger anytime soon?
  9. Okay so I looked at the bottom of the pot for Plant 1(the bigger one)

    and I can see the tips of roots that have made it all the way to the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, is that a clear sign it's time to transplant to a bigger container?
  10. Yeah if the roots are showing at the bottom, you should transplant them to a bigger pot.
  11. looking good. what size pots are they in now? how large are you going to let them get before you flower? a lot of plants double in size during flowering
  12. Okay so i just transplanted both to five gallons, and I wanted to have them at about four to five feet total after flowering and everything.

    that's if I don't look in to LST'ing them.
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    looks like you are on to the right start. what nutes are you using? how about lighting for flowering? are you going to clone then flower or just put the whole plant into flowering?

    is that aluminum foil u r using? if so, u want to flatten it out more so it doesn't create hot spots. mylar is supposed to be much better
  14. I've had them under two daylight cfls 100w along with two recently added soft white about 45w lighting the undergrowth putting out a combined like 4000 lumens, I know thats low but I just found two more daylight 100 cfls that I may try to add but I'm a college student paying my own utilities and I have no idea what kind of spike in bills I would have to expect with something like that.

    But I've had them on a 24/0 schedule since they sprouted (about two weeks now or so) haven't kept track to a T.

    So when should I switch over the light sched if I want to expect on avg a 4-5 foot plant?
  15. when your plant is about 2.5 feet tall. I only use cfl's so far and am very happy with them keeping my bills low. is the 100w daylight rating the actual watt rating or is it the equivalent number?
  16. the general rule with these plants is 150 actual watts for the first plant and 50 watts more for each additional. you will want more for flowering just so they are super happy and grow like champs
  17. Pretty sure actual watts. Just to be more sure how much does an actual 100watts cal cost compared to a 100w equivalent?
  18. on your cfl it should say the actual watts on it. idk about cost, i had some laying around, and then bought the rest in packs of 4
  19. Here they are
    Plant 2 transplanted into 5 gal bucket.

    Plant 2 transplanted to 5 gal bucket today also

    Idk about the foil underneath, I just kinda did it for the hell of it whilst stoned, if it's a bad idea I'd like to be told so and why. :D

    And here's the current set up


  20. On a 24/0 light schedule, the cool thing about that besides accelerated growth is your plants will show pre flowering signs when they are ready to go into 12/12 mode. In other words, you will be able to sex them! Here are a couple of pics of my male and female from my current grow. Sexing your plants - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery
    I did 24/0 until July 22nd when I switched to 12/12. Anyway, under your current conditions, when you clearly see the sex of your plants, they are telling you it's time to go 12/12.


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