First Grow: Cozy Closet, Minimal Stealth -- Help Appreciated!

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  1. So my boyfriend and I spend way too much buying weed, so we decided to try and supplement our supply with seeds we picked out of club bud. We've been growing a couple of plants for 2 weeks now, and it's been a lot of fun so we decided to germinate a few more seeds we got from a friend.

    Right now the plants are in our empty closet, with white walls and some mylar coating, sitting directly under 100 watts of cfl ranging from 5000k to 6500k. we have them under 24 hours of light with a little fan blowing on them and the closet cracked periodically with a fan to circulate the air. the temps range between 74 and 80 and the humidity is usually between 40 and 50%.

    They seem to be doing fine so far, but I'd like to post pictures periodically so people can point out if we're obviously doing something terribly wrong, or if the plants develop an issue were too inexperienced to notice

    Here they are the day after putting them in fox farm ocean forest. I've read that it can be hot for seedlings but so far so good it seems. they're a couple weeks old now so I'll play catch up with the updates and pictures in the next day or so. :)

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  2. It is hot for seedling but it's not going to kill em. You might see some tips burnt on the first leaves that's usually about it.
  3. Fast forward to day ten and the two different strains seemed to be doing good. the bigger one was leaning to the right quite a bit, so we made sure to keep him rotated towards the light

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  4. Looking great, but for flowering you will need more than 100w of cfls. You will need around 150w per plant. Also make sure you aren't overwatering. No need to water until the top of the soil is dry so around every 2-3 days.
  5. Today is day 13, and they both look healthy, I think? It looks like the new fan leaf on the more developed plant is coming in split in two? Or am I just not looking at it right?

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  6. It's fine, you get anomalies like that all the time.
  7. Yes looking great. Your 5 finger fan leaves are coming in.
  8. were planning on adding a couple more plants so we were thinking of getting a 300 watt hydro grow led to keep temps lower than a bunch of cfl. they seem to be a pretty popular light woth good reviews. then wed put some daylight cfls on the edges for side lighting : MarsHydro Mars300 Mars600 LED Grow Light(Mars300 with Veg/Bloom Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse/Garden Plant Growing, 132W True Watt Panel) : Patio, Lawn & Garden
  9. Oh ok! Sorry I thought you were continuing with CFLs the entire time. That should work perfectly. What is your currently light schedule? Do you have a timer yet? There are cheap electrical timers at walmart.
  10. Your plants are coming along well. Obviously when they get past a foot or so you will need to step up the lighting. You guys should invest in a T5 grow light (you can even mix up the bulbs between 3k and 6500 bulbs so that you get a fuller spectrum). I personally would put them on the 18/6 schedule, it is more natural for the plant and helps develop roots in the dark, they need sleep.
  11. I think that 300 watt led would be dope to try out! you may have to battle heat for sure but its probably your best option
  12. we've had them on a 24 hour light schedule because we've read that they grow faster as well as shorter which is important in our small closet.

    we've also been thinking of doing 18/6 because some people say plants do better when they rest. but they seem to be doing okay so far so I figure I won't mess with what's working. and yeah we have a timer, we just haven't used it yet.

    My main concern is heat, it gets up to 80 degrees, and witu summer coming temps outside will reach 100. if we throw a 300 watt led in the mix I'm afraid temps will get too high. I'm not really sure what to do to control heat as a intake outtake grow tent system isn't rely viable for us. we've just had the closet door open and a floor fan blowing in to keep temps down. it works well, but might not be enough eventually
  13. yea your best bet is to invest in a tent and and get two 4 in inline fans.. one of them could even be smaller if you find it. From my experience, you cannot go too far in closet grows unless you have air circulation. When summer gets here, you will stress your plants in there and the 300 watt will basically be a bad investment. Get yourself a tent and fans and ducting. looking at around 200 dollars for that if you shop around.
  14. they're doing well now but moving them down to 18 hours will make them do better.. just putting that out there
  15. The LEDs shouldnt put off too much more heat than the CFLs. I had my plants on 24/0 and they did fine (my grow journal is located below if you wanted to see) When mine were in the closet I also left the door open while the lights were on. I left my closet door and room door open for max air circulation.
  16. Also if you did want a grow tent has 15% off your first order and they have reasonably priced grow tents. You likely wouldnt need one larger than 3x3. I got a 4x4 and wished I had gotten a 3x3.
  17. Has anyone tried 21/3 light cycle? That seems like it would give a few hours of dark for root development but not dark long enough for much stretching to occur
  18. Roots still develop without dark periods. You can go with 21/3 if you do want to provide a dark period though.
  19. Is there any actual evidence that plants need/do better with a dark period during veg?
  20. Is pretty controversial. A lot of people agree that 24/0 has more rapid growth and reduces stretching though. Some people just think that the plant needs darkness for veg because thats now it is in nature. But Cannabis doesnt require darkness for veg and will actually grow fine without a dark period. However, to get the plant to induce flowering it must have 12 hours of darkness to produce bud.

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