First Grow, Couple ?'s.

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  1. I am doin bag seed grow. Started off germinating for the first time, using shot glasses. Worked perfectly. I got 6 cracked open seeds and planted them in soil in dixie cups. Using walmart soil and perlite. No Nutrients. Now i did one seed first just to see if i could do it, and i did. Then i did the other 5. Only five remain b/c one seedlings just didn't pull through.

    Now onto my ?'s.
    1st. When should i transplant? My biggest plant is at 3 weeks and my other 4 are at two weeks.

    Plant heights are
    1. 4" High 2. 3 1/4" High. 3. 3" High 4. 4" high 5. 3" High.
    Plant number one is on it's 5th set of branches. And the rest are on their 4th.

    2nd. When should i force them to flower?

    I don't mind if they get up to around 2' or 3' High. Doing a closet grow. Have plenty of room, or at least i think.

    So far plants look great! All dark green. No bugs. No spots or anything. I have been sitting my water out for over 24 hours b/4 i water and i check the ph and balance it out. Still using no nutrients. I water everyn night b4 bed. Using walmart cfl's. Equivalent to 150watts. Using 2 lights with hoods. I plan on gettin about 3 or 4 more lights before flowering. Hoping to get at least 3 females from this grow.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. as for the size of the cups they are in now...they will be good in there for another week or 2 i would say for the largest. You would want to transplant soon because u dont want the roots to bind into a big solid form holding in all the dirt. This isnt bad but they will expand alot better and faster once transplanted if u dont let them do this. When you transplant into a larger pot loosen up the dirt that the roots is in now this way they will expand...The stronger larger healthier root system you establish, the better the outcome will be. You can Veg grow until your plants are at your desired height then switch to a 12/12 cycle to begin flowering. I usually switch to a 12/12 at about 18 inches in height because they will still get bigger and taller during flower as well. What kind of lights are you using?
  3. dont forget about the lighting factor which is one of the most important. You have more than one plant you said so you will be needing a lot of lighting. 100 watts per plant (not watt equivalent)is what is commonly used as the one plant limit. I currently have 120 watts of floros on one plant and it is looking extremely well as of 3 weeks into flower, keep me posted on ur plants...Okay i just re read ur post ans see ur using floros also. For Veg i used 4 30 watt Daylight floros i got from homedepot. These are best for Veg. Once you begin to flower you are going to want a mix spectrum....Get some soft whites in there, Daylight, and some redish orange...This is the combination i am currently using and its working wonders

    hope this helped
  4. thanks for the tips on the transplant stonehenge.....
    i think next week i'll be transplanting them...what size of a pot should i get? And will i have to retransplant a third time b4 they are done?

    i think i get the idea about how much more light i do need.

    Also is there like an average i can go by so i know when to flower? Like does it double the size? triple the size? My desired height i guess i should say is 2 1/2' to 3'. So at which height should i flip the lights to 12/12.
  5. i always use 5 gallon pots for my plants this way there is always enough plus some room for always want a strong root system. I grew my plant to 14 inches then i switched it to 12/12 and my plant is 26 inches tall now. Plants grow up towards the light so you can raise the pots by setting them ontop of something. Plants are smart and will stop on their own when they feel they are too close to the lights. Thats an easy way to control the height of your plant. Did you consider topping them?
  6. not sure what topping is? i'll look around on here for a link and try to check it out.
  7. Topping is the process by which you snip off the top new growth usually after the 3rd set of branches grow...By snipping the top new growth, this causes the plant to naturally to slpit growing 2 or 3 new tops on it. You can top your plants as many times as u want but you dont want to do it too much because it stresses the plant. Simply snip off the new growth like shown in this picture and watch the magic happen. This increases your yield and makes your plant more bushy.

  8. thanks man.....

    i'm gonna try it to one and see what happens...if i don't kill her i'll do it to the others also....

    any other advice?
  9. i would probably transplant them now long as they have a decent root spread, after being in there 3-4 weeks they are probably ready to shoot up. jmo.

    you force them to flower whenever you want. it depends on how much grow room you have, if you have an 8 ft ceiling, you can let them veg a couple months get them 2.5ft tall or so, then force flowering, just keep in mind, the plant will usually double in size. and you have to leave room for light to be hung above them, if you dont have much room, then just let em veg for a month and force it

  10. i'm hoping on monday i can get some more lights, pots for transplant. And to make some kind of better door for my closet than a blanket hanging down.
  11. more pots and light is a good idea for the transplant. Once transplanted and the lighting is good 2 go. Wait a few days to a week, or when the new growths are a decent size u know and then top them. Ull be amazed at the results of topping considering its ur first time doing it....i know i was. Give it a go and watch ur plant go wild :hello:
  12. quick update for you guys....

    10 days ago i put them in 1 gallon pots.....they were so root bounded in those dixie cups...They love their new pots. Also i flipped to the 12/12 light schedule now...It's been 5 sign of sex yet.

    They are all a foot tall now :smoke:

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