First Grow couple ??s 26 day veg

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  1. Hey Blades got some questions for ya'll. The girls are on day 26 of veg now. Afagani/bullryder and Blue Dream under 6x23w 6500k 2x23w 2700k CFLs in organic soil and perlite mix. Fox Farm Neut trio given every other watering. watering with RO water(pure flo machine). I've been seeing some things that strike me rather odd. 18/6 light cycle.

    First picture doesn't really show my cause for concern that well but the leaf texture seems rough almost pocky texture? This is on the BD. :confused:

    Picture two is the ABR. The Leaves seem to have a darker boarder than the inner leaf is this something normal? Some of them curve the tips sideways like TMV pictures I have been frightened by.

    Picture three is the blue dream again.
    What do you guys think? This is my first grow any imput or advice is appreciated !

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  2. They all look good. Different strains will have different characteristics. Hell, different phenotypes of the same strain will have different characteristics. As long as they maintain their level of healthiness, there's not much else that can kill your grow.

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