First grow. Couple plants have this ?

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  1. First indoor grow 2 400w hps or mh useing 1 400w mh atm and these girls are autos. Ive fed with foxfarm couple times ph is right under 7 or 7. Soil is happyfrog and ocean forest and perlite. These plants are almost 5weeks. And 2 look perfect. 2. Have something going on with leaves. Is this lack of cal mag? I just added cal mag with this feeding. Hopeing it would fix. Any one shure what the problem is?? View attachment 2341938 View attachment 2341939 View attachment 2341940 View attachment 2341941
  2. Lower fan leafs especially on a 5 week old plant will get funky shit happening on the oldest fan leafs and usually means nothing, if you could post a pic of the whole plant taht would be more helpful, as for feeding those plants FFOF and Happy Frog are very good soils with lots of organic nutrients in them, you typically dont need to feed them anything just add tap water and let them be. If you start to get some light yellowing of lower fan leafs add some worm castings or start your bottled nutes then, FF makes great soil but shittty bottled nutrients unless you use there organic line I recommend there big bloom, it is great to use all the way through veg and flower. Here is my girl i have used only organic soil and big bloom organic ferts. IMG_0220.JPG
  3. Yours look niiice..... Choco skunk. Ogkush purple and cheese berry. And a small non auto gorilla glue

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