First grow, couple of questions!

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  1. Hey whats up GC, my roomates and I just started our first grow in our closet haha. The bigger plant is a little over 3 weeks old and it is "Flo". It is a clone from a dispensary here in CO. The plant seems to be doing well. We are using a 100 Watt light right now because anything else is too hot for the closet even witht he fan. BUT today we noticed some very small bugs in the soil and on the pot. I tried to get a picture but theyre so tiny!! Just wondering if these are a problem or not...! The picture with the little black dot on the edge of the pot (first picture) is one of the little bugs. Any other tips or advice would also be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :D

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  2. Hi, I can't really tell but I think it may just be springtails in the soil. Google some pics to try and ID, but if so they are harmless. Good luck with the grow, I am subscribing so I can see the harvest! :smoke:
  3. hey man thanks for the advice! and sweet ill keep adding photos as we progress!
    - I think the bugs are either :
    -Sciarid Fly

    For Sciarid Flies I read that you should get roundworms to eliminate them. Is there anything else I could do? or what do I do if theyre Thrips?


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