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    First of all, i've been lurking this forum for a while now and learned a lot about micro growing, i'm interested most in PC growcases mostly because of its stealth. Now before i begin, this is going to be a rather long one so if you don't have 5 minutes to read come back later :p. (also sorry for any grammar/spelling errors, english is not my first language)
    Okay, I'm a student that likes to smoke a doobie every now and then with his friends, and since lately the price and availability of decent grade Mary Jane is getting insane, i want to grow my own medicine! Now this is my situation, i'm a student that lives in a sort of apartment that i share with 3 other students, we all have our own rooms and stuff but there is for example a common basement, every weekend i go home for like 1.5 days and go straight back. Now since my parents frequently come in my room i cant just setup a huge closet growroom (would if i could :p ). So, i turned to PC growcases, these seem perfect because I'm an IT/Software Development student so I can ''easily'' put a random PC case in my room and claim it's for some kind of project.
    Now heres the problem, i need to design a growcase thats completely stealthy, no smell, no sound(well, no more sound then a running server makes), no escaping lights, nothing. How do i begin? I have seen plenty of build guides and I've learned some usefull stuff but still have some questions.... 
    Home made carbon filters seem kind of dodgy, i dont really trust them and if it does go wrong... well my life ends basically. :p Also, what are some methods to keep in all the light? All growcases i've seen so far have a huge light shining out of the back fans, I just feel thats not really all that stealthy... Also, what are the best lights to use when electricity can be a problem, every Watt i use is written down for payment at the end of the month, so my landlord and parents would quickly notice a sudden rise in power usage.
    On the bright side, it dousnt have to be a massively yielding rig, 1 or 2 small plants should be fine. Now what are the best methods of growing in a case that yield quick small amounts? Are there different kinds of seed strains that might suit my needs? I'm also quite terrified of the concept of nutrients, is it possible to grow smaller plants without them?
    Well thanks for sitting trough this one :p I know it's a tall order but I've seen some of the replies you people give and some are simply genius, so I have some modest hopes for this =D Thanks a bunch!

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    Well, first thing you're going to need a computer case, i actually have one now that i'm planning to convert to a grow case. its a fairly big one and should work quite well for 2 plants, the dimensions are 18"L x 17"H x 8"W to give you a good idea of what kind of case you will need.
    The lights most used for this application are the spiral compact fluorescent bulbs(CFL). For two plants i would say 3-5 23 watt cfl's would do fine. and for the first vegetative stage of the plants life (seedling to whenever you flower) you want cfl's in the 6500k(bluish) range.
    For flowering (where the buds form and the plant shows its sex) you're going to want cfl's in the 2700k(reddish) range.
    you can also use LED lights in this application but prices on LED's can get quite expensive, but save energy a little better than the cfls i think. not just any leds will work either but i don't know much about them so i'll leave that for someone who does.
    The good thing about cfl's is they fit into a standard light bulb socket, for pc cases i usually try to find i small bathroom light bar at home depot and put a few y splitters in there, but you can also buy a socket strip and mount it on the side at the top of the case inside and put socket to bulb adapters and then just screw in your bulbs and that seems to work well for most people. 
    I suggest using a material called Mylar for a reflective surface covering the inside of the case so you can get the most out of your lights. you cant get it in the camping section of walmart for $2.97 in the form of an emergency blanket, and i believe its 6 feet x 8 feet so youll have plenty.

    As for fans I'm sure you're computer savvy and can understand how to hook them up in the case, i usually just by a switchable 2-12 volt adapter at Radio Shack for 10 bucks or so and plug them into that.

    but as for light escaping out of the case, this can be tricky sometimes. for the most part small holes and things like that can be covered with some duct or electrical tape. but for the light escaping out of the fans... ive only had a need to cover up escaping light once in a pc case i built for a friend, i wish i had some pictures but i dont :\\
    But basically i built a cover for the outside of the fan that i mounted on the case, it was made out of cardboard and popscicle sticks lol, but it served the purpose and worked well. i took a card board box a little bigger than the fan and cut a hole the size of the fan into it, and the on the bottom i cut a rectangle shape for the air to escape, and on the inside were two pieces of cardboard that alternated height and sides on the inside so it blocked light yet still allowed airflow. and for further light proofing i painted the inside and outside flat black after i sealed it airtight with hot glue. this also incorporated a DIY carbon filter that worked for my friend for 2 harvests until he noticed a smell and replaced it. its going to be hard pressed to find a ready made filter to fit so i suggest DIY just dont half ass it and it will do the job just fine :)

    Nutrients are not absolutely necessary, you can definitely grow without them.

    as for height wise, you might want to look at getting an indica dominant strain since they tend to be smaller and bushier than sativa dominants which can get long and lanky.
    you also might want to do a 12 on 12 off light schedule from seedling depending on how much room you have in the case, you definitely dont want them getting too big for the case in your situation! :eek:
    I am by no means a professional at this, but i have built a few grow cases for myself and some friends.
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    thx for the reply hucci! Looks like a great post, i'll read trough it right now =d
  4. I've definitely had this issue when I lived with my parents years ago... I did everything from transform a couple of large old white computer cases into a 1 plant fully operational grow box, to going the attic and building a makeshift grow room in the crawlspace up there, and whilst up there I noticed section of the house in between walls where there was open unused space completely inaccessible from everywhere but the attic, and I even fashioned a (not functional) grow box to be lowered into that space lol...
    The best cheapest low space method is to use a Rubbermaid bin stood on it's end, does 1 high quality plant
    haha what we do for some green :p the upside down bin idea is a good idea for the attic but not really in my situation, but i will keep it in mind for the future :) thanks!
  6. Lol, you have no idea... I've done a lot more crazy shit than that, but that's just some things I can "recall" as far as growing... I forgot to mention I also one time turned an old minifridge on the side of my parents house into a grow box, as well a tried growing in the drunk of an old '93 beamer, which eventually was going to become mine, but ended up needing  too much work
    a man turns really innovative when in need of the green xd the fridge idea is really good aswell! 
    Hucci I've read trough your post and theres some great info in there, thanks, also, i've heard about autoflowering seeds or something like that? Are these any good? Can you get feminized autoflower seeds because i dont really want to put a month time and effort into something only to find out it was all for nothing, I'm not a lucky person so I don't want to risk too much :p
  8. Bump! Another question, is it possible to have timers in a pc growcase or is there no room for them? i kind of need timers because i am not home 1 day in the week. I'm working on my first sketches of my case right now, will post the results anytime soon. :)
  9. I personally would just put the timer at the plug

    smoke good, fuck better, count money, whats better?
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    yes but then the fans would also shut down at night, i dont think thats such a good idea...
  11. you could always run a secondary cord off the back side of the pc case might I recommend next to you r actual pc and have that cord be for usb powered fans that piggy back off of your actual computer and then you can say its for data connection making a daisy chain computer that's my two cents though
    that could be a good idea but i dont have a desktop pc in my room :p i do all my work on my laptop
  13. Well there goes that idea Sent from my SCH-I110 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. The pc case method will grow plants, but I mean you have to keep them so small and practically flower as soon as possible... The one good thing about it, is there's a reason for the fan sound...
    Even better though would be to use a locking minifridge, which also would be a legit reason to have a fan sound without seeming odd... Also it closes up nice and practically air tight so the climate can be properly controlled with humidity and such.

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