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    hey guys,

    ive been planning on growing for a while now and have read a lot on the subject, i think i have got enough info on everything except soil.

    i have a fresh bag of multi-purpose compost, i know how to sterilise soil from my yard and i have access to sand and gravel.

    if i were to mix it as follows:
    50% sterilised soil
    10% sand
    10% gravel
    30% compost

    would this work as a grow medium or have i got it all wrong?

    thanks, budman

    gravel would be at the bottom for drainage etc...
  2. Dont need rocks at bottom for drainage. (leave the gravel for the driveway)
    Get some perlite in that mix.
    And a scoop of dolomitic lime.

    Asking soil recipies is like asking for the best recipe for apple pie. Everyone will have their own take on it. And all probably work just fine.

    I like
    30% compost
    30% peat
    40% perlite
    Hand scoop of dolomitic lime

    Im sure others will chime in shortly with their recipies.
  3. You should pasteurize the soil not sterilize so you dont kill all the beneficials in it...also you're going to want a good amount of perlite to keep it airy
  4. You don't want sand and gravel in there. And I wouldn't ever use outdoor soil on a first indoor grow because of the bugs and it is not made for indoor growing. If you sterilize it you may be sterilizing the nutrients out of it. Buy premixed soil until you know what you are doing.
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    alright thanks guys!!

    i did some more searching on hydro websites and shit and found something called bio-bizz all mix, have any of you heard of/used this stuff? it sounds pretty good.

    my links dont work but this is the url,

    Bio Bizz All-Mix 20L - Holland Hydroponics

    the company make their own nutrients specifically for this product so i was thinking maybe get these too?

    that guide was hardcore too man thanks :D

    [edit] apparently my links do work

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