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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm writing this for the second time.. clickedp ost twice and i'd been logged out and when i click back its all gone! i just wrote more in those two posts than i wrote in all my gcses put together!

    anyway hello peeps, gonna copy and paste it first this time so this is the final draft guys!

    god this is so long........ ok
    basically i've been convinced into turning my wardrobe into a mini grow op for now and given a 400 watt grow light to get me started but no guidelines for working around it so really its just got me stuck.
    the wardobe is temporary so i won't be installing a cool tube so i was wondering about ventilation...
    i've taken the doors off the wardrobe which is around a metre and a half in height and almost a metre wide, i have a fair sized window right opposite(less than 2 metres) which i will have open the majority of the time, what kind of fan would you guys suggest?

    also what strain would u peeps suggest for that space, considering i'm only going to be growing one to begin with? lowryder sounds like it would fit nicely but grapefruit looks and tastes delicious plus i love the high i get from it, also apparently isnt too hard to grow for beginners? northern lights is definitely on the list too since i read here it's pretty easy to grow... anyway, would love to hear your guys thoughts and any help would be amazing as i'm sure i will need plenty of it.

    one love:bongin:
  2. You're going to want predominantly Indica strains because they tend to stay shorter and bushier than sativas which like to grow tall and without training will most likely take over you're space height wise. Read up on the terms "scrog" and "LST" those are basically the two most popular training methods.

    Now for soil I am using Fox Farms Ocean Forest, Fox Farms Happy Frog, and extra perlite in the ratio of 4:4:1 and it has been very easy to work with. It drains nicely and PH has been staying perfect with tap water.

    I am using Fox Farms trio of nutes as well with Magical(magnesium and calcium supplement) and then I have a PH adjustment kit for when needed, PH strips, 4 Reading Soil Probe, and some hemp rope so I can LST my plants down the road. If you use Fox Farms nutrients go very light on them, about 1/8 the mixture they say on their chart.

    Make sure you have your potting selected and ready, it's best to plant them in a big container off the bat so you don't have to risk transplanting. I'm a beginner as well and I screwed up one transplant and definitely regretted not using the pots I intended to have them mature in right off the bat.

    I just use a Honeywell house fan on my plants but I have cfl's and LED's so I don't really have to worry about cooling the area it's just to strengthen the stems.

    Just plan ahead for every issue, study up on the different sicknesses and deficiencies (Marijuana Plant Abuse), do not overwater, and always remember loose lips sink ships.

    Oh and forgot even though these are every where you can use 20/4,18/6, or 24/0 light schedule for vegging and 12/12 for flowering. (lights on/lights off)
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    Best read for new growers IMO,and it's free.

    Never mind what lights he uses.Which is amazing.

    He shows you a day by day grow.Exactly what to do.Everything.

    copy this into google:

    grow 8 oz of bud for under $100

    First option should say PDF.Free book there.

  4. thanks guys i have taken note and thanks for the link. will be back with more soon im sure

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