First grow coming to an end

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  1. Hey,so these are my 2 plants from test seeds strain unknown might be autoflower not sure. They are day 46 Flowering and its been 81 days since I germed. I have been using organic nutes but I still want to flush for 2 weeks for optimal taste. You guys think its time?(I really dont want to hear "it depends on how I like it", its my first grow so I really dont know. I just got back from a 10day vacation and the leaves are looking yellow and a bit red I dont know from what that could be..All answers and comment are appreciated.

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  2. The Yellow is from over Watering.( Plants can drown) I couldn't tell you what the red is from bruh
  3. Looks done to me get a scope and check out the trichs there should be some anber but mostly cloudy
  4. ok thanks. anyone else
  5. Check this photo out it will help you with the yellowing

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  6. still has white hairs mabe not done get a scope for sure they do look vary nice
  7. yellow leaves should be low nitrogen i wouldnt worry about it and start flushing
    give them a 10 day flush and chop @ day 56

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