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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kingbud9000, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. hey i'm new on here so i hope i'm posting this in the right place...
    i plan to grow 2 plants in my closet using the following.
    1x 400watt hps.
    1x inline fan i think something like 150mm using a passive intake.
    1x desk type fan to circulate air and keep temps down.
    1x homemade dwc setup (think its 20 gal) using 1x airpump rated to pump 3 stones and i'm running 2x med sized stones in it.
    ive done alot of research on dwc setups recently also i have a ppm/ec, ph testers on the way (the digital kind) and some nuts from my local hydro supplier (there called growrite,budrite) or something like that also i got some superthrive for veging, ive been running it for approx 10 days and keeping and eye on things so far water temps around 68-70 degrees is it? or is it Fahrenheit sorry not familiar with some of the terms ppl use, room temp is around 70-75 degrees at most with running the fan for 10 mins every hour (thats without the desk fan btw havnt installed that yet) i figure that will make up for the extra heat once theres larger living plants in there. and as for space i'm not sure of exact measurements of closet size but its approx 6 foot in hight from light at max height setting to the floor and about maybe 4 foot wide and i think its depth? about 2 foot anyhow.

    anyways not sure if ive forgotten anything so if you guys have any questions or any tips id be happy to answer them and id appreciate some good feedback :)
  2. btw i forgot to mention that soon i willl be adding a carbon filter to the exhaust and changing the amount of time the fans are on for (just going by trial and error till i get it in the right temp range)... still waiting for some feedback

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