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  1. ^yep, exactly what i did
    Alright so here is an update on the plants. They are 17 days old. They had some trouble with overwatering/ph balance.
    I gave nutes for the first time 3 days ago. They seem to be sprouting green leaves very quickly now.
    I was told in the sick plants section that I burned them with nutes, but they look like they are doing much better now than they were. Suggestions and Opinions welcomed ha


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  2. [quote name="southpark123" post="19353380" timestamp="1389908022"]I've been looking at both scrog and sog. I do want to rush into either but both are being considered.Also I have a question about watering. I've been watering once a day with tap water. I do not know the ph and yes I know this is terrible.1. Is once a day sufficient water for these seeds?2. I need some suggestions for ph balanced water for cheap.[/quote]Def water less. Unless they're very dry. Usually just spraying the top of the soil with water once a day is ok. You can usually tell when they need water by the weight. Water until about 30% drains out of the bottom. They won't sprout if they're too wet. Distilled water is best. You have no way of knowing g what's in your tap water. I usually will boil some if needed. But need to be able to adjust the ph if you do that. You can also produce your own co2. All you do is put about 2 cups of sugar and water in a milk jug or something and add a packet of yeast to it. Or a spoonful. It'll produce for about 2 weeks. You can add a bit of sugar to it every few days
  3. Update: Alright, so it is day 19 now. Yesterday I got a MH light. He said it was 400w. It has a fairly massive cooling ballast on it that works flawlessly. I can barely feel any heat even 6 inches below the light. Anyway, the girls are doing well. I will post pics when I have some time, but for now each of them has 2 leaf tiers and most are starting their third. I kept 10 of them for now. We will see how many females I have later.
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  4. Day 20 pics

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  5. Alright so i now have a co2 tank. I am wondering if I need a regulator or controller. It is pressurized.
  6. Day 29 gave them fert again on the 14th and they loved it. Been giving them some CO2 whenever i think about it. Dont have a regulator for my tank ha.

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  7. What I'm wondering now is if it is time to start LST. most of the plants are at or near their third or fourth leaf set.

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