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  1. Hi, I am new to the forum. If you guys don't mind I'd like to blog my first outdoor grow session. I bought some clones from the club over here in southern California. (growing outdoors is not an issue) I have 2 so far just cuz I'm new at this. I have done my research, but if you guys have any advice or anything let me know. I will have pictures of course.

    So far, I have 2 clones that I just put in a large pot.....I have the pot outside in the shade...after a couple of weeks i will put it in direct sunlight. I'm tryn to do this the affordable, easy way....(jus gradually adding nutrients after a couple weeks...

    there are prolly tons of posts like this from noobs like me so hopefully u guys wont mind one more!

    6-14-10 B.jpg - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    6-14-10 C.jpg - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    6-14-10 A.jpg - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    The plants are Blue Dream and Cherry AK. Blue Dream is a lil more developed, but some of the top leaves lookin a little droopy? Anyway...its the first day....wish me luck!

  2. Yeah I advice you plant them in their own pots... :cool:
  3. Yea I was thinkn about that....since they are clones I didn't think the roots would grow that much....the pot I'm using is pretty damn big......looks like it can support an apple tree or something.....

    Should i still have independent pots? Aside from having more room to grow, what benefit would they get from being in their own pots?
  4. yes plants have a natural reaction when they make contact other plant,I'd split em up.clones grow roots just as well as seed plants.If you leave em together your gonna have som training to can save urself work and get em there own homes
  5. cool, im glad i posted this here, got them in their own homes now, ill see how they look in a week
  6. I understand going the cheap way I do the same thing. I raise worms, use seaweed and rabbit manure instead of buying nutes. I do like to give my clones about a month or two to veg and put on size but I do that indoors under florecents(cheaper) and then give them 2wks to harden off before putting in ground. They do awesome in this cali sun. Not liking that im going to be moving to Oklahoma. Waited all this time to grow legally and now were moving to some harsh weather and so far I dont even know any growers there, shit it isn't even a medical state yet.
  7. 2nd week....

    got them in separate pots....

    maybe ill start feeding them 10-10-10 nutrients tomorrow?

    I wasn't sure if I was watering enough cuz some of the leaves are startin to look a lil droopy....

    they look ok here though

    6-21-10 D.jpg - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    6-21-10 A.jpg - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    6-21-10 C.jpg - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    6-21-10 B.jpg - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    its been a couple days since I took those pix and they are startin to look a lil unhealthy....i made some watering adjustments, but if they continue to not look so good in the next few days ill post pix
  8. Hey, may be a noob question, and I have noticed it before and just never said anything, but why do people cut the tips of the fan leaves off for? What does that do?

  9. they do it for clones to put the plants energy into producing more roots rather than making more fan leaves to get a nice set of roots for when you plant the clone again
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    ya thats a good question, i was wondering the same thing.....

    so the plants aren't droopy anymore....i wasn't watering the pots with enough water....i know that the frequency of watering is more important than the actual amount of water that i give each time.....before I was giving each pot only about 300ml of water each time (sounds dumb i know)....which was quickly being evaporated by the cali now i stepped it up to 1-3 quarts of water per pot so that the water pours out the holes of the bottom....ill do that every 3-4 days now.......

    definitely a noob mistake but hey....maybe this will help other noobs? :D
  11. Sounds like you are on the right path! Wish you luck.
  12. So my plants look fucked....

    Anyone know of an organic fungicide that works well with prepping soil for clones? I think my plants are suffering from a damping-off disease Rhizoctonia since my the temp conditions are around 80-90 degrees. Could it be due to ph levels getting fucked up from my tap water? Who knows...

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