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  1. ok so its been exactly 30 days since my children have sprouted, trying to see how im doing. Im working with a 100w metal halide lamp and 1 20w plant and aquarium light<not cuz i wanted it it was just free> just wanted suggestions i was concerned possibly they are too far from the light but other than that they havent had any problems.
    in ten days im moving them under a 200w hps light for flowering and sexing so whatcha think
    btw the three of them by themselves are in my opinionthe biggest<only by acouple inches> the others are in the fourth pic

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  2. What are the dimensions of your grow area? One thing I notice right off the bat is your lighting issues, 100w of MH isn't going to have enough output for 6 plants. If you can, I would try lowering your MH as close to the girls as your temps will allow, try adding a fan for air circulation. You would be better off Using CFLs, the MH and HPS really aren't so efficient until you start jumping to 400/600/1000 watters. At any rate you will DEFINITELY need more light, especially for flowering, Try adding the CFL's to supplement your current lighting. Also try to find some Mylar to reflect some of the light back on the ladies.

    Can you give a better Description of your grow room/plans for your grow (i.e. soil, temps, ventilation, pot size,) ? If you can we might be able to help you out a bit more.

  3. ok my bad i know i am a amatuer but ill try and elaborate < i havent been a noob in anything in so long lol> ok so im using some regular scotts potting soil, their in 8 in pots now but before flowering im going to transplant to a bigger size, i think 3 gal containers. my room is 34x22 and 60 inches high. i have two fans in their not too strong im assuming just regular oscolating fans on low. The walls are actually cardboard covered in tin foil and i used an old dog cage and just suspeneded the top of it from the ceiling. Anyways its about 72-76 in their at all times. srry for the noobage but i do need help
  4. BUMPPPP please help

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