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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rustybonghit, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. F:\DCIM\100KM883\kamil2.jpg
    so yah i lst and ben in veg for 2.5 months only have one plant but i think its lookin good
  2. can u guys see the pics if not i need help putting them up how do i do it
  3. did i do it rite??
  4. I dnt know if anyone can see pics can someone help and explane how do i make picture in post not link
  5. upload your image to a service like imagine shack
    click the little mountain and the sun next to the wrap quote convo box
    then paste your link and BAMMMMMMM

    its magic

  6. isent that wat i did??
  7. In advanced reply you have the option to upload images as attachments. But Imageshack works too.
    Your plant looks healthy, nice LST job. Gonna flower it out soon?
  8. yah i think im genna flower once my 105 watt cfl comes in i got a question so all the colas are genna grow buds
  9. and when i look at the plant when its under the light it kinda looks like glitter is on it is that the tricomes
  10. The buds grow where the new leaves are growing out of now, all the tops. No trichomes yet since it isn't flowering, but the glittery thing is normal
  11. is their anything u see wrong with my plant anything i can improov its in my closet has four cfls 27 watt and a 50 watt metall halide im new too indoor growing so its in soil i got from the woods and i only use nutes like twice a month cuz its miracle grow i dnt know wat strain it is got it from a good dank nuggg so should be desent anything u guys can help me with would be greatly apriciated

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