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    Okay so I had these 2 bagseeds and I planted them about 3 weeks and a half ago and this is what they came out looking like so far.

    I wanted to know if this is basically the first stage of Vegetation.

    Even though I know I shouldn't, I diluted about 20 ounces of water with one teaspoon of GrowBig and I put it in a spray bottle and I moistened the soil. I don't spray directly on the plants. Just a mist in the air for humidity.

    I just started giving them this water about 2 days ago. The yellowing on the leafs were there before I put nutrients in the water. So I'm guessing its because the plant had water on it and the lights burned through it.

    I don't overwater my plants, at all and I usually keep the temperature at 70 through 80.

    I also have it next to my window so it has plenty of natural air flowing through it via the fan as well.

    The left light is 2700k 23w
    The right light is 3200k 23w , I will get more later, I'm on a tight budget

    I have a timer set for 16 hours on and 8 hours off.

    This is the tall plant which is about 5 1/2 inches.


    This is the yellowing:


    This is the short plant


    This is the yellowing


    Just an overview of things






    Tell me what you guys think. Suggestions and ideas, please, share the knowledge :)

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  2. Doesn't look like much. Wouldn't worry unless it's spreading. Plants look ok, a little stretched bc you don't have enough light. For veg you really want light that's in the blue 6500K or so. And for 2 plants, you need more like 150watts cfls total.

    What kind of soil?

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  3. Okay so here's an update.

    I added a 3rd light bulb. It's a 23w 5000k and the spectrum is bright.

    They actually seem to be loving it. Their new set of leaves are actually growing faster and the lumens within their area reach 2000 on my ph meter.


    The new one is the single one hanging.

    The tall plant is about 7 1/2 inches[​IMG]

    [The second plant is about 5 1/2, it gained an inch.[​IMG]
  4. Cant really tell how far you have them from plants but if there not 1-2 inches (from what I've heard CFLs are useless)[​IMG]

    Documenting noobs first grow
  5. Is that a piece of copper/metal supporting one of your plants? If yes, you'll want to remove that as it will change the chemical/ph balance of the soil. Might be what's causing the yellowing.
  6. Nah, and the yellowing been there.
  7. They're about 2 1/2 to 3 inches away from the plants.
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  8. you could buy a 300watts cfl or 200watts cfl and led for 90

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  9. Err what kinda soil you using there? I dont see any aeration and the tips of those leaves most likely caused bt the high ammount of Nitrogen in your soil

    Personally i did a cfl grow and youll notice how plants react to where the light is. In my opunion id grow out one plant under two ADJUSTABLE lamps with larger bulbs. And just buy one feminized seed. Wastin time on males kinda seems foolish in a small set up
  10. If i had to use the LEAST ammount of money and setting up a grow heres what I'd do

    Medium - assuming theres a hydro store near you, grab a bag of ocean forrest soil. Run you $10-25. If thats not an option the best store available option is natures organic potting soil? Its garbage but for $5 at lowes theres no pre-mixed soils that are quality. Make sure you pick up some perlite $5-15 and mix about 30% perlite and add a thick layer at the bottom of the pot so the roots dont suffocate if u over water

    Lights- 2 lamps from walmart. $10 each. Go to a hardware store and buy some 40 w 6500k bulbs. $10 each as well

    Nutes- something basic. 1-1-1 or any tomato based fertilizer. Im using it and tons of vets use jacks citrus feed. Its a 2-1-2 so you could use it all the way to harvest.

    Cirulation - unless you buy high quality lamps from a nicer store youre going to run into your lamps overheatting. As long as theyre is a fan or two that blows close theres not much of an issue

    Grow would only run aroun $70-100 assuming you dont need ph, cal/mag, etc.

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