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  1. Hey guys, Im a new to this and I just started growing my plants a week and a half ago. I just wanna know your opinions about if the plants look healthy and any other advice would be awesome, cuz the plants right now look tall and skinny and im not sure if they should be further along in the growth process

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  2. whats kind of cfls you using, - watts , light color, and how close are they to the lights?

    congrats on your sprouts!:hello:
  3. thanks im really excited!, 2 lights are 23 watt cfl, and one of the lights is a plant light(75w) that has a blue bulb, and the plants are about 2 inches away from the light
  4. you will need some more wattage in there. alot of those 'plant lights' you get at a general store use a light spectrum that makes the plants look really nice and healthy - but have heard from many they arent worth much for growing.

    ive never used one personally and your light might not be the type ivee heard of, but just beware.

    heres a great guide to growing with cfls, if youre interested

    good luck!
  5. ok, thanks for all the help, ill keep yall updated
  6. What kind of CFL? 6500K, 5500K, 3500K, 2700K? For Vegging they should be under 5500-6500K lights. What light schedule do you have them on? I would leave them on 24/7 at this stage, or at least 20/4. They seem like they're stretching a lot.
  7. well i think is 6500k since they are 23 watts, and I just added them to the grow room, cuz before I was only using one "plant light" lamp, but the plants were stretching so i bought the 23 watt cfls and took out the plant light. also i have them on a 24/7 light schedule
  8. The wattage has nothing to do with it. It might say on the side of the bulb. Look for a number in the thousands followed by a K. If they were called "soft white" bulbs, then they are probably 2700K. I can't remember what they call the ones in the blue (5500K-6500K) spectrum. I ask because your pics look on the orange side which would indicate 3500-2700K area. Pics taken under 5500-6500K look more bluish. You want the bluish ones for vegging.
  9. ok thanks for the help, your right about the lights, i plan to go get the bluish tint lights

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