First Grow. CFL's advice appreciated

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  1. Hello, this is my first grow. I know i don't have all of the stuff i need but im on a budget right now and cant afford all yer fancy equipent and sech.. lol so my first plant is and indica mix from what im told, it was gifted to me in a pot of miracle grow that was killing it so i transplanted it into some happy frog soil, but me being myself i accidently ripped off some of the roots when transplanting and stunted it for a couple of days. the other two plants i have are both sativas and are planted in happy frog and just sprouted yesterday. the setup im currently running is..
    -Four 27 watt ecosmart daylight CFL's 5000K each 1750Lumens each
    -Happy frog soil
    -Two 19 watt ecosmart daylight CFL's 5000K each 1100Lumens each
    -Happy frog soil

    The temperature stays between 75 and 80 degrees and humidity jumps around for some reason between 20% and 50%. I also keep a fan on them to strengthen stems a couple of hours a day.

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  2. Very cute video
  3. hey man, nice video.

    like you i am also puling off cfl grow on a budget. check out my grow. im about to harvest& ive spent very little money. just CFLS water and wind.
  4. thanks man ill definetly check it out. CFL's seem to be the best for a budget
  5. plants still doing pretty good the indica is getting some new growth that looks healthy and green and the two sativa seedlings are doing great. the water leafs are a nice dark green. I'll be abandoning the cheap grow and inheriting and nice grow tent with 250 watt hps :). ill post up some pics later tonight or tomorrow night
  6. You could, and probably should put some reflectors over those bulbs. Now reason to light up the ceiling! Hell, an aluminum pop can would work if you cut it in half and put it over the bulbs.
  7. ill definetly do that for now didnt even think of it thanks man

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